CKS reacts to sell-out charge

Dimapur, Dec 13 (MExN): Reacting to charges of ‘selling out’ the rights of “Eastern Nagas”, the Chang Khulei Setshang expresses sadness that the NSCN-K is confining itself only to the four districts of “Eastern Nagaland” rather than the whole state. On the part of the Setshang, however, support to a unified decision and aspirations of the Nagas would continue to be rendered for the reason that collective existence means inter-dependence and it would be ‘grave to go against the law of nature’. 

“It’s sad that the NSCN-K stands confined to the four districts of Eastern Nagaland; rather the NSCN cause should be for the whole districts of Nagaland” the Chang Khulei Setshang stated in a ‘Naga political statement’ issued through its President, Kaimang Chang and Publicity Secretary I Akhum Soted Chang. “Never has the Chang try to sell out the rights of the Eastern Nagas nor has favoritism towards particular faction in what so ever reasons for even if the attainment of independence will not be for particular faction but for the glory of Nagas as a whole irrespective of tribes, boundary or location” the Setshang reminded while asserting that this statement is to testify the stand of the Changs in the political arena of the Naga movement.  

Contrary to the NSCN-K’s stand, the CKS, after a series of peace-talk initiatives finally realized ‘reconciliation’, viewed as ‘mandatory’ for the community and the desire and aspiration of the Nagas as a whole. “…if the treaty has to be revoked then the (consensus) voice of the community has to be duly considered as the officials of the CKS by and large executes only the decisions of its people and would do so uprightly and firmly the duties and responsibilities bestowed upon” it stated. 

The CKS iterated that it has neither “poked its nose on defection business of any factions” nor has it any intention to harass individuals against joining underground factions for the fact that anyone joining any movement is only an own volition and not a collective issue.

Asserting that the Changs have steadfast and cordial relationship with all its neighboring tribes which is evident unless “undertakers prevails undiscovered”, the CKS made clear that it has to abide by the aspiration of fellow Nagas and shall continue to do so to support and implement a unified decision. This, the CKS added, is because the universe is inter-dependent and it would be grave to go against the law of nature.