Claims of ex-Diphupar councilors rejected

Dimapur, April 12 (MExN): A joint meeting of GBs and community chairpersons, leaders and elders of Diphupar ‘B’ village held on April 10 has condemned the statements made earlier in a rejoinder by three former Diphupar village leaders. A lengthy statement appended by GBs, community chairpersons and elders was received here today rejecting the claims made in the stated rejoinder. Also appended with the statement was scores of audit reports, financial accounts, court orders and notices as well as minutes, signatures of community and villager leaders, among others.
The statement stated to have concluded that the three individuals who issued the stated rejoinder do not represent the former village council members of their respective communities. This conclusion was arrived at after inquiring from all chairpersons of the communities in the village, the statement said. The village council was dissolved by the Dimapur administration on February 3 2011 and they do not represent their communities, the statement said.
The statement also said that “the resolution of May 18, 1992” was purely on plot allotments and construction of temporary houses measuring 20x10 feet within a stipulated period of time and nothing else.   
In addition, the issue of whether the All Communities Forum was authorized or not does nota arise, the statement said. All the communities’ executive members mandated by their respective community constituted the forum, the statement said. “The above mentioned body as mandated has been working tirelessly against some few vested interest individuals by demanding transparency in the functioning of the village council which is the fundamental right f the general public of the village for the past eight years,” the statement said. The three individuals who issued the rejoinder in the media had ignored the demand of the public al these years and violated orders of the district administration by not submitting auditable documents as directed, the statement said. No follow-up action was taken, it added.
Complying with the district administration’s directive and order the GBs headed by the Head GB in consultation with the communities’ leaders of the village held a joint meeting on March 3, 2011 and constituted the audit committee, the statement said.
The statement also gave an overview of general audits from year 1992 up to 1996, 1997-1999 and 2000-2005.
In addition, leaders of the village appending the statement also rejected the three individuals’ claim that the Guwhati High Court, Kohima bench, had “outrightly” passed judgment in favor of the said three. ‘It is total misinterpretation of the honorable high court’s order dated April 1, 2011 on a writ petition filed by one Kakiho Sumi, ex-chairman of the village,’ the statements said. The high court’s order is not a judgment but an interim order and the matter will be decided on merit by the  high court as and when the matter is listed on April 25, 2011, the statement said.