Clarification by Tikhir Tribal Council

The Tikhir Tribal Council (TTC) is amused by the write up of Shuthung, VDB Secy and J. Shuto, SVC Chairman. This shows how easily they can be taken for a ride by the Yimchunger propaganda machine.

The Yimchunger time and again are spreading blalant and childish lies saying that Yimchuner is a tribe containing the dialects Langa, Tikhir, Chirr, Mokhor and Longphor. The historical fact is Langa is not a dialect but the location of the first organized settelemtn of the Yimchunger tribe in Nagaland. If, as the Yimchunger claim, Langa is considered a dialect, then Tikhir, Chirr and Mokhor cannot be considered a dialect but rather Taimiphu and Tongkhin should be considered the dialects. Therefore, the plain fact is Langa is the first organized place of settlement of the Yimchunger tribe and Taimiphu and Tongkhin, the first dual organized settlement place of the Tikhir, Chirr and Mokhor Tribes.

The beauty and uniqueness in culture, tradition, practices and usages of the different tribes shows the manifestation of God over the humanity. Man did not choose his identity, it was bestowed by God. As such, blessing from God is unbounded and so also His wrath cannot be comprehended by a mere mortal soul. Tikhir, on her part trembles at the feet of God but, is resolutely stout in the love for her identity and is ready to face the challenges of the Yimchuner antics.

Susang Tikhir, President Shamator Village Students Union was kidnap from Shamator Town in mid 2008, and mercilessly tortured for 3 (three) days. The Yimchunger at gun point made him and the Council of Shamator Village to sign that they are becoming a Yimchunger, for the release of Susang Tikhir. This is just one example of the extreme extend of terrorist acts the Yimchunger are taking up with the patronage of their leaders.

Shamator village is one of the big village of the Tikhir tribe. The cultural and traditional history of the village speaks for itself. The Tikhirs will defend at any cost for the protection and preservation of its villages/territory.

Topan K    Mark Morekiu
President, Tikhir Vilage Council    Joint Secy, Tikhir Village Council