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Clarification sought from Govt over Polytechnic institutions

•-We, the students of Government Polytechnic Kohima (GPK) erstwhile Women Polytechnic Kohima of Modern Office Practice (MOP) highly appreciated the state government noble project for setting up polytechnic institutions in the state keeping in mind to provide practical and technical education the youths of the state for employment.
However, it has been observed that inspite of setting up the institution (GPK) since 1994; there have not been employment opportunities to the students who have completed the Diploma course of three years. It may be noted that students with high hopes and aspiration joins to undertake the course, sadly instead of employment, the students are faced with rejection and ignorance of the government’s own project.
In this case, the career and academic scope of the students have been put to a full-stop, even after completing the course. A student from the institutions cannot compete with other candidates, forget about competing in NPSC, the students can’t even sit for departmental exams. Besides, a student can’t fail to pursue academic course or undergo any further or in-depth course on MOP. To add salt to the injury, the government establishments are not even aware of the government’s own institution that it is training and moulding, the youths for bright career prospect. The government after setting up the institution just ignores it like a mother abandons her child on the street. She gives birth but she doesn’t bother or care about his/her future.
It may be mentioned that unlike us, our counterpart i.e. the Khelhoshe Polytechnic Atoizu have 30% reservation in NPSC, whereas we have not recognition even by the government departments and officers. Isn’t that ironic? We have the same Diploma certificate and same qualification, then why this partiality and discrimination?
This is to made known to the government, since it is ignorant about the facts, that in other states like our neighbouring Mizoram once a student completes her course, she is made to go for apprenticeship for a year, and after her capability and ability is recognized she is directly appointed. Isn’t that fair enough?
In this regard, we want some immediate clarifications from the government as to why it’s set-up the institution and is still proposing to set-up some more Polytechnic institutions in the state? With what purpose and objectives dies it set-up the institution? What are the schemes or opportunities for the students? What exactly have the government plan out in respect of MOP students’ career and future?  Please don’t just imitate others and do, if you don’t have concrete plans or objectives.
If the government does not want to employ its own product nor give an opportunity to them, then why is it trying to play with the future and career by wasting our three years? Why is the government intend in spoiling the youngsters? Where are our rights? Do they expect the students’ to finish their diploma and remain at home holding their certificate?
We, the students, has therefore appeals the parents and intending candidates not to admit their children/admit themselves to take up the course, wherein they will face the same fate as us. They will be doomed like the many students who have finished their course and still remained unemployed.
At the same time, we request the government to immediately clarify/give clear-cut objectives/prospects for the general information of all the public and especially the students.

Students of Government Polytechnic Kohima
Modern Office Practice (MOP)