Clarification to Forest Officer rejects ARSU charges

Apropos to the rejoinder that came up in Nagaland Post on 24th Aug 2006 under the caption “Forest Officer (Hokishe Chishi) Rejects ARSU Charges”. The Union has taken a serious note of the officer’s accusations which appears to bear a malign mindset to disrepute the credibility and integrity of the Union. The Union wants to know from the Officer concerned, what he meant by the term “ALLEGATION” when the whole statement given in the press by ARSU was nothing short of facts. The Officer must not rush to the Press without verifying the facts in the paper. The ARSU said that “Officer In charge was ABSENT on that day” and the word IRREGULAR was not mentioned.

Further, the officer has leveled charges against the ARSU claiming that the charges were “Baseless and without an iota of truth”.  The ARSU reminds the esteemed officer not to use such an inflammatory language. The charges are full of base and nothing short of truth. In this regard, the ARSU stands to invite even the press/ Journalist to verify the same if officer so desire.

In connection with the smooth functioning of the forest office, the claim of the officer is unfortunate as the same is in the knowledge of all the concerned denizens. The ARSU express its appreciation and thankfulness to the Hon’ble Minister, Shri I Kheto Kinny Minister for Forest, Information and Public Relation for constructing a new Forest Office Building at Akuluto. However, to ARSU’s surprise the office is yet to be shifted. Whereas, the construction of Police Station which was carried out much after the completion of forest office is already completed and the office is also being shifted some one month back. The ARSU further urge the esteemed Officer to expedite the shifting of office at the earliest.

The undersigned thank the officer for his appreciation towards ARSU, in its effort to uplift the area. And ARSU as an apolitical Students’ Organisation has been working well in-coordination with various existing NGOs in our area, like Area G.B.s’ Association, S.T.H. Akuluto etc…  The ARSU would like to welcome any constructive suggestions or criticism which will contribute towards the betterment of our area.

Finally, to put all mis-understanding and apprehension to its logical conclusion, the ARSU request all the concerned HODs and staffs in Akuluto Area to take keen interest in their duties, to avoid public inconveniences in their needs from the Government Departments. The ARSU has not leveled corruption charges against any officer/ department, it is a not a competent body to set-up any enquiry board against any officer /Government Department. However, as a pressure group, it is well within our parameter to check and remind the erring officials to mend their ways. ARSU still stands loud and clear to its press release and would not regret to initiate the process of protest or strike against any officer/ department if it deems fit. President and its colleagues shall resign from the chair if its write-ups are found false and fabricated.

Further, ARSU apprise all the concerned officials to restrain themselves, in the greater interest of the area public, as the press release was not targeted against any particular officer or department.  

G. Zhukheto Sumi, President
David Sumi, General Secretary
Akuluto Range Students’ Union