‘Climate change consequence of human behaviour, greed’

Morung Express News
Kohima | May 8

Commemorating the 146th year of the Red Cross Movement in the world, the Nagaland State branch of the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) also joined in observing the day here at the Kohima Red Cross complex, under the theme ‘Your world, Our move: Come together for climate change’.

Terming the Red Cross Society as one of the largest humanitarian organisations having more than 700 districts and sub-district branches, Nagaland Minister for PHED, Dr. Ngangshi K Ao, today expressed happiness that the Nagaland Red Cross branch is also one among those in providing relief in times of disaster/emergencies and also in promoting health care to vulnerable people and communities. “The track record of Nagaland Red Cross Society has all along been very encouraging,” he added.

On this year’s theme, he underlined it as a ‘noble one’ and aptly chosen for worldwide campaign as our survival depends on a healthy relationship and environment between the living and non-living things. He said, “If climate change or changes in ecology is the consequence of human behaviour and greed, it should also be the duty of man to contribute towards a positive change and mitigate the threat.”

Describing the Red Cross Movement as an acknowledgeable and unstoppable force, he also said, “It is only befitting that the Red Cross take up such a challenge and launch a worldwide campaign before it is too late.” Lauding the Nagaland Branch for their benevolent services to the deprived section of people, the Minister further urged its members to rededicate themselves and take solemn oath to carry forward the campaign aggressively in combating “senseless degradation of nature”’ and to bring about a positive climate change.

Speaking on the theme, Illusing Meru, IFS, Conservator of Forest, Kohima, highlighted the various evidences, causes and effects of climate change. He called for the use of eco-friendly materials, conserving energy, planting trees and taking up of necessary measures in day-to-day life to prevent and combat climate changes.

Junior Red Cross students from Khedi Baptist School, Kohima, and Youth Red Cross students from Baptist College, Kohima, also presented special numbers at the programme. One of the highlights of the programme was the lighting of seven candles representing the seven principles of the Red Cross movement by the seven officials led by the chief guest, PHED Minister Dr. Ngangshi K Ao.