Collaborative approach to unleash tourism growth in NE region

Ranmung Raingam
Regional Manager, IRCTC Guwahati

IRCTC, in its unwavering commitment to fostering tourism in the Northeast (NE) region, operates through its functional regional office in Guwahati. Beyond its renowned railway catering services, the organization envisions the NE region as a world-class destination with immense potential.

At the heart of IRCTC's strategy is a relentless focus on the tourist experience and satisfaction. Recognizing that tourists themselves play a pivotal role in shaping the industry's future, their word of mouth serves as the most potent factor in attracting future visitors.

Central to this vision is the collaboration of stakeholders, recognizing that no single entity can achieve success independently. The synergy between the marketing front end, service providers (Destination Management Companies), the local population, and proactive support from state administration is imperative to create tour packages that attract tourists in a sustained and popular manner.

The partnership between operators and the local population holds paramount importance. Establishing a structured approach to design tour packages, market them effectively, and organize tours as promised in terms of excitement and experiences are crucial. While natural beauty and physical features are inherent attractions, the true value addition comes from the cultural richness and hospitality of the local people. Art and crafts, unique cultural dresses, folk songs and dances, and other region-specific experiences contribute to a rich and fulfilling tourist experience.

The NE region boasts all the necessary ingredients for a thriving tourism sector, including the development of reasonable tourism infrastructure and connectivity.  Besides, the other key elements for success include a sense of security, hygienic stays, healthy food, and the commitment of local stakeholders to deliver quality services to tourists.  Again, the overarching mantra is an unwavering focus on the tourists themselves, without any excuses. Service failures are deemed as overall failures in this long-term game with interconnected elements forming a chain.

IRCTC, as a major player in the tourism industry, operates rail-based tours and off-holiday packages in both outbound and inbound directions. While outbound packages perform well within and outside the country, there is a special focus on enhancing inbound tourism across all NE states. Notably, Sikkim, Meghalaya, and Assam have been the best-performing states to date, with Arunachal Pradesh catching up. IRCTC is set to introduce an array of holiday, adventure: para-gliding, biking& trekking, rural and niche packages in all seven NE states, recognizing the region's diversity. Additionally, open customized packages can be tailored to meet individual tastes and preferences.

To facilitate these endeavours and boldly move forward with package designing and marketing, IRCTC seeks capable partners across the regions in various segments. Interested players can become empaneled with IRCTC for backend services and actively participate in package designing offering their in depth local knowledge. The Regional Office in Guwahati, reachable via email ( and phones (8595936703 & 8595936690), is ready to guide and facilitate interested operators through the empaneling and registration process. The organization also offers insights into the latest and smart practices in tour hospitality services and customer care within the tourism industry.

In conclusion, IRCTC's commitment to promoting tourism in the NE region is not merely a business venture but a concerted effort to unlock the region's potential, ensuring a sustainable and enriching experience for tourists and contributing to the overall development of the Northeast.