Comparison can be unhealthy


The Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) declared its HSLC examination 2023 and HSSLC examination 2023 results on May 24. With a qualified percentage of 70.32%, out of 24361 candidates, a total of 17130 candidates qualified the HSLC examination while in the HSSLC examination, the overall pass percentage in Arts stream is 82.62%, Commerce stream is 85.83% and Science stream is 86.79%. 

An overview of the results of HSLC and HSSLC Examinations 2023 issued by NBSE, Kohima highlighted the comparison between boys and girls result. The girls have done better with 9350 girls qualifying and 7780 boys qualifying the HSLC examination. In the Top 20 list, there are 99 candidates out of which 33 are boys and the rest 66 are girls. In the HSSLC examination, the performance of boys and girls stream wise in terms of pass percentage shows like this- Girls: Arts 86.27 %, Commerce- 90.34%, Science-90.39 % and Boys: Arts 78.44 %, Commerce- 82.47%, Science-82.51%. 

Unlike this comparison which looks undamaging, in almost every household there are students being weight on the scale of multiple taunting assessments. There are parents, if not relatives, who are always scrutinizing the academic performances based on how well the other students are delivering and not on what the individual child is capable of. Although not all comparisons are intentional, the consequences might be similar. Many fail to realise that the unrealistic expectations and the obsessive high regard for academic merit does not inspire or encourage the students, rather it creates a toxic environment full of self-doubt, lack of confidence, unhealthy habits such as indulgence in substance abuse etc. 

For most students, the transition from school to college can be difficult and also nerve-wrecking. After the results are declared, the admission period can be extremely challenging for students who have not met the expectations of the parents or their teachers. Often, the wrong strategy of over glorifying the achievers and criticizing the students can result in pushing them to the edge. Nobody enjoys being judged as inadequate or being continually criticized.  

Irrespective of the marks, distinctions, and positions secured in any test or examinations, relating and communication to the students emphatically and responsibly, and imposing faith in their capabilities can motivate them achieve their own dreams, grow and develop in healthier environment, and seemingly live a fulfilling life.

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