Congratulations Kidima - miracle still happens

Vatsu Meru

I was completely taken by pleasant surprise on seeing the happy news item made by the people of erstwhile KE/KIDIMA Villagers about their decision on the two decades old misunderstanding and confusion which created division among them on the issue of their Village name which became a matter of dispute. I am really overwhelmed with the wisdom they have exhibited and the magnanimity of their accommodative spirit. 

I heartily congratulate all those who were involved on this agreement and the people of KIDIMA for their wise decision and their able leadership and most of all the Peace makers especially the President, Tenyimi Central Union and his office bearers, and particularly the TCU Jury Board for the noble work and excellent leadership they have shown and for which we can only say that without the help and involvement of our Almighty God it would never have succeeded. This also goes to show that God is at work to show that Miracles can still happen as demonstrated by the unbelievable generous attitude of the villagers. 

I salute this noble deed and wish that almighty God will bless everyone abundantly towards a brighter and better future of our people in general. This remarkable work of Peace through Christian Spirit and true Naga traditional and democratic process needs no exaggeration but calls for continues support and encouragement from one and all. This is truly historic from which all Nagas must learn to live and show through positive action rather than stubbornly sticking to self-righteous attitudes and false pride, which hampers “amicable solutions” to take place on any disputes or dis-agreements.

May God not only bless the villagers of Kidima abundantly but help enable the rest of the Nagas to also follow this path in all matters of conflict, be it political, social, religious or otherwise.

(The writer is an MLA)