Corruption and great men

Keduovilie Linyü

We had come across many stories of politicians and great men who had vanished and nobody remember them today. We have seen many once-great men and VIP’s; ministers of God-powerful mighty used preachers who refused to declare war on their sins. They lost everything, their families, their influence, their ministries and their self- respect, divorce and left alone the unloved children. In the evil age, a ripe field and a fear desire always invite us to answer ‘Yes’  but to  something that may change us or may fall us at the lack of faith in the face of tremendous calling.  Honestly, in desperation we are going to travel this road as the culture of corruption has upset new values and its exposure to wealth is so great as there has been a collapse of standard. Corruption practices should be probed or investigated by the anti-corruption agencies. Do we really believe that the character we have fashioned for ourselves is passing muster in the sight of God? Are there any doubt, regrets, sudden age of shame and a haunting sense of unfulfillment during this adventure of life? 

Today, we have fallen evangelists, corrupt officials, playboys, mistresses and frustrated politicians who want front seats and also want to enjoy the cocktail parties in the night clubs. Again, corrupt officials with disproportionate assets enforce unruly gang to give a nightmare quality and the ruling elite has the contempt for the law. We find many leaders who live with the past-glory and cannot accept the present change of time and realities. Amongst us, there are many unmatured and second hand politicians - boasts of winning every election they contest. These people are admired as boys, they hobbling around with a cane as they were robbed of joy, peace, rest and God’s favour. 

Christians come from different family background and culture; have the different problems in the natural, psychological and spiritual areas. Therefore, everyone will hesitate in trying to do something that will put our lives and normal way of life in danger.  When we look around and see the gulf between the poor and better off is wide and the sight and fear of poverty  is another inducement for the ‘haves’ to have more as they have envied ‘over and above’  to earn more than the average living. In our whole approach to life, sometimes we end up saying ‘No’ to an invitation to something greater because we are afraid we will lose  what little we have.  Hardly anyone here talk of morality, for example, honesty means a lack of opportunity to make money corrupt.