Courage in His Hands

Moanaro Imchen

Here is the question of courage, of being bold and standing still with our heads held high, despite everything. And it is difficult being courageous. A scene of, trust me, being bold and showing of our bravado often depicts some heroes or heroines saving someone or something. But life as it is, to each his or her own, gives us enough opportunity to be courageous.


We often read accounts of individuals risking one’s life in order to safe and help people they had never met. Thanks to Hollywood and Bollywood, the Spiderman, Superman, Shaktiman and the like. We have often reduced ourselves to the like of manmade superheroes who had read and fantasize of a life like them.


The thoughts are ever present. I do have my own imaginations, and I have my own struggles just like all the superheroes like Superman or Batman or Wonder-Woman battling their own till-death-unto-us villains. But, I sit back and understand that the best way to tackle any problem takes nothing but being courageous; you or I don’t need to be a superhero. We just need to remind ourselves that there is a Super- Superhero; of I should say God, because the term superhero is too demeaning. So, taking a slight back from our surreal worlds of comic superheroes; let us look at this living God and how He was, He is, and He will be there for us.


Ever since I started working in Children Ministry, I had gained so much experience on how to communicate with the children and be patience with the children. There are times when the children, who I am very sure more intelligent or induced into the superhero world, question about the beautiful stories in the Holy Bible.


But being inquisitive is a part of a Child’s Psychological Development. My role in Children’s Ministry is all about keeping the children engaged and also excited about the events in life.


What I fell afraid is about the definition of Courage in our society. It is always good to teach a child to stand up for what is right and to stand against what is wrong. But to be right or wrong, to be where we stand ends with God.


In Genesis 32:22-32, the Bible tells us the story of Jacob, who wrestled with a man throughout one night and realized afterward that it was God. The man crippled Jacob’s hip and told him to let go, and Jacob said, “I will not let go unless you bless me.” When the man saw Jacob would not quit, he blessed him and gave him a new name: Israel. “You have struggled with God and with men and have overcome.”


So on being courageous, simply remember that the good Lord stands by us, as always.


God wants people who can endure, wrestle, to be faithful, have courage and cling to one’s own dreams. Real life echoes the same pattern. Sometimes we plan our days to be smooth and organized but we are hurled into the clutches of some crisis. No matter what obstacles are before us, if we believe, seek God’s help, and get our mind with positive convictions about what we want to achieve, God, the author of life will always walk through the shadows with us. Have faith. God is there.


Moanaro Imchen is an author, motivational speaker and resource person for Children Ministry. She is presently working as the Children Pastor at Kumlong Baptist Church, Mokokchung.