Cowboys’ and Cowgirl: another drive

Atongla Rothrong

Sad but true, this time the three amigo’s could not get together for the entire week and woe was me for fate putting upon us so small a heavy weight. I swear they were missed and I too believe I was missed too, in spite of the late night telephonic conversations.

But poor chirpy me can’t fall in love because my Cowboys tell me not to do so. Anyways, who wants to fall in love when you have Hot Blood and Cool Cucumber as Gringo’s? 

After the long hiatus, the Cowboys finally came by to start me up!!! And guess what I was up to? My Eddy wanted me to go, get good- pot, candid shots of the then ongoing Durga Pooja Celebrations from the various pandals erected in Dimapur (another sob story for pity me!). Of all the time’s it had to be then that they had to come, so whateva! A job is a job nah? No matter how evil I am, mind you, duty comes first ok!! So I had to let them down.

Me got a ‘Tikka’ (that too RED) from one of the pandals which I tried removing soon after but couldn’t vanish but saved by Peter’s hand towel. Assignment done, I hit back to the office wherein I got a call from the Cowboys asking if my task for the day was over. Naturally!! It was 9:30 man!! So along came the Cowboys to take me away to our very own Rodeo Drive. The long, long drive to nowhere had us quaterway where we witnessed an accident between a Bolero and a Mobike. Real CRASH! BOOM BANG! Sorry to mention but heard the next day that the bike rider succumbed to death after reaching the Hospital. 

Coming back to the Cowboys and the Cowgirl, yeah! We did have a COOL time. Making up for the lost (last) week, arguing over if yours truly should fall in the big ‘L’. Alas! Mutual agreement prevailed, Chirpy will and can ‘NOT’ fall in the CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE (no pun intended).

Love is a funny thing, its blind but it sees, it hurts but it heals too, it crashes you down, but elevates you up again ….most of all…it bleeds you inside but you still love. Ha! What a life! So I guess its best not to love awright? After all, who want’s to be blind, hurt crushed, bleed and elevated eh?

By the way, let me tell you guys that I forfeited ‘130’ Rs. Playing that so called card game worth 5 (five) buck (heavy loss de!!! mind you it was a literal play between the COWS + Kets) so me no regrets ok! But Cowgirl’s so jealous that Hot Blood won the game, filling up his pouch uugh!! Chirpy only hope’s hot blood treats her with the money obtained, that is ‘whenever’. 

Any way’s I am still waiting for the next round of rodeo to come by, hopefully my Eddy would allow me too- do. Getcha later!!!!!