Dear New Moms, practice self-care in three ways

Dear New Moms, practice self-care in three ways


New Delhi, June 19 (IANSlife) Each family member's function changes significantly when a new member is added. Mothers, who frequently act as the main carers, frequently feel overburdened and overworked. Self-care is extremely important when a mother is experiencing emotional, physical, and mental stress. New mothers should not feel guilty about taking time off to focus on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being, even though the phrase has varied implications for each person. It enhances their relationship with the child, productivity, and mental space in addition to assisting them in managing difficulties related to the postpartum period, such as anxiety and stress.

To help mothers deal with this new world of responsibilities and motherhood and navigate their way through this phase, ShareChat creator Dr Nardi Parekh 'Nandi' has curated three self-care tips, that new moms should abide by.

Rethink, Reprioritise, Revalue

Generally, new moms are so occupied and focused on their children that they tend to forget about themselves. If you are on the verge of burnout due to daily frustration, stress, and dissatisfaction, it is an indication that you need to reorganise your life.

Take a moment to rethink the way you want to move forward and make enough room for yourself. Try to reprioritise so that you don't lose yourself. Make sure you speak to your partner about your challenges and don't forget to ask for help whenever needed. This will help you revalue the things that you might have forgotten about in the race to be a perfect mother.

Track your mood and treat your body well

Our body goes through multiple hormonal, physical, mental, and many other changes during and post-pregnancy. These constant changes not only impact your body but also your emotional well-being. Spending time thinking about your struggles and tracking your mood patterns can make it easier to catch the trigger points before they become longer negative spirals that might go out of control.

Get into the habit of monitoring your mood and treating your body well. You can practice self-care in simple ways by tapping into yoga and meditation, picking a new hobby, practicing gratitude, or doing anything that makes you happy or that you haven't done in a long time.

Be kind to yourself

Parenting is a tough job. It's normal to feel sad, negative, or angry sometimes, so don't be hard on yourself about those feelings. Focus on the things you can control and celebrate small victories. Remember that part of happiness lies in setting realistic expectations. Be gentle with yourself with regard to losing baby weight, planning social gatherings, and achieving your life's ambitions. Whenever possible, postpone major life changes until you've settled into your new role as a mother.

Motherhood comes with tasks, and following a self-care routine that also incorporates discipline can help you improve your lifestyle and have long-term benefits.