Dear readers these are some suggestions on policy measures to enhance transparency and accountability in the Public Service Commission and other recruitment agencies in Nagaland

•    Delegate it to UPSC, don't trust Nagas.

•    All advertisements should be published in all leading newspapers and media platforms... Secondly, application to various posts and services, if done through websites should be made easily accessible to one and all... Remember, not all the aspirants will be tech savvy hence, keeping the system easy and accessible will be beneficial to all.

•    Live telecast the interviews just like in reality TVs shows that's called fairness....and let public votes for the best candidates

•    Live telecast is a good idea but public voting will result in dirty

•    1. Appoint men and women of integrity as Commission Members; 2. Strictly follow the given rules; 3. Conduct all Exams and Interviews fairly.

•    Actually form advertisement is an issue where newspapers are not reached and people are unaware of the exams. In deep interior villages are unaware of the exams. Govt should promote about the exams through CSC centers which are present almost every interior place. Secondly application is also an issue (especially NSSB) for many so if the government can assign CSC centers to assist it will empower the students specially who are applying for the 1st time.

•    1. Post will be categorized into three i.e, Graduate, 10+2 and 10 and the questions will be set according to their level, which means if a candidate opt in graduate level he/she can't opt for 12 or 10 . equal opportunity should be given to the 12 and 10 qualified candidates. according to last year notifications the questions paper for accountant and store keeper are same, they shuffle the questions only, and the qualifications required  and the pay scale are different . in central job they set the questions according to the post and qualifications level. 

    2. Strict rules to be followed. (Last year i appeared NSSB exam in Christian hr. Sec. school Dimapur (NL Road). we received the paper-1 questions paper at 9:30, 30 minutes late and they gave extra 30 minutes, till 12:30. we don't know what’s the reason behind. that’s why we students are discouraging knowing this kind of things).

    Proper checking should be done because people use devices to cheat now a days. We haven't caught these things so far from our state but they have to get prepared.

•    Stop reservation in every form.


•    Select competent candidates irrespective of gender. Females are preferred more due to women empowerment and equality, rather then their npsc marks. That's why we see lazy women young as well as old officers. Select more competent males than females. I am saying since the number of males is low in NPSC no, particularly technical and civil male are dominated but not enough because of weak women gets selected instead of competent men. I say 85-90 % or more then that should be male dominated in technical and civil service.