Delivery made trouble-free with Online Express

(Left) Walling and the boys burning the midnight oil, Dimapur. (Right) Packages loaded and ready to deliver in Kohima.  (Photo Courtesy/Instagram)

(Left) Walling and the boys burning the midnight oil, Dimapur. (Right) Packages loaded and ready to deliver in Kohima. (Photo Courtesy/Instagram)

Limeka Achumi 
Dimapur | January 28

The logistics sector in India has lived its highs and lows. Several states have already tested the water and are revealing promising output. However, placing the telescope on the north – eastern territory and zooming in towards Nagaland, what is the view? 

It is hardly surprising when a Naga resident shops online and ends up with the order getting rejected because of the customer’s location. Most of us begin ranting about the globalization of the state or end up getting help from an acquaintance who lives somewhere apart from Nagaland. However, there seems to be an exception in the case of two young individuals.

Chiero and Walling, no different from us, saw this problem as an opportunity. The idea was conceived in the year 2017, when they sensed that the residents of the State also deserved such services, which was effortlessly available in the neighbouring places like Shillong and Guwahati. The brainchild was named Online Express, with the main office located in Kohima and two other offices in Dimapur and Guwahati.

The Online Express (OE), a logistic company operates from 9:30 AM and takes orders till 3:00 PM and commences work around 7:30 PM, with a work force of 10 local employees and seven two-wheelers. The train of services offered, ranges from door step pick-up and door step delivery within the State and all over India delivery to nationally marketing the products of Small and medium enterprises (SME) and Homemakers budding in Nagaland. Hitherto, OE has satisfied about ten thousand customers and has 40 enterprises registered to it.

The lack in railway network and road quality of the State has been for long a discouraging factor for start ups that require transportation. As Walling mentioned, the possibilities for MNCs to provide services within the state in terms of logistics, is above average, however the risk is larger than the moon. Therefore, OE’s main objective, Walling said was, “To reach and provide service to every nook and corner of the State within 10 years.” The Nagaland 4-Lane project is a ray of hope for the development of such up-and-coming logistics enterprises, and we can only hope for its unchangeable establishment, despite the natural and capital factors.

Reality being itself, both Chiero and Walling are aware of the risk undertaken. Some of the prime hurdles being faced: the road condition, fluctuation of oil prices, human resource and financial constraints. No one can learn how to walk without falling, and OE knows better not to give up, notably when the company is lending a hand in the improvement of the society as a whole. “The growth of the company and the living standard of the state go hand in hand,” added Walling.

“Would you rather pay bills or advertise,” replied Walling when the question about the absence of physical advertisements of the company was put forth. Social media has served as a wild card for advertising OE, because of its money-free provided platform and a wider audience. A functioning website along with accounts in Facebook and Instagram, OE is hoping to proliferate further.

Having thought outside the box himself with Chiero, Walling was asked if he had a few tricks up his sleeve for the coming youths who quite similar to them would be driven by fresh innovations. “Persistence, hard work and never shying away from starting small,” recommended Walling. Like all famous down to earth beginnings, OE also began with a single bike and a computer. 

Walling with a positive note mentioned about the growth of a few logistics firms after OE and talked about how positive it was for the society, also adding “when there’s competition the market grows.” The food delivery option by OE has also begun operation in Kohima. Plans on developing a mobile application and further expansion are proportional to time and the company’s capital growth. 

Home delivery areas as provided by OE are; Kohima, Dimapur, Mokokchung, Tuensang, Zunheboto, Chizami, Pfutsero, Jotsoma, Thizama, Meriema and Jakhama. Self pickup only option works in Wokha, Longleng, Kiphire and Phek.

The writer is currently an intern in The Morung Express.