Democratic struggle to continue in Myanmar, asserts activist

Member of Parliament and the former Secretary of International Relation Committee Myanmar, Bo Bo Oo shows the three-finger salute, a symbol of resistance adopted by pro-democracy activists, from an undisclosed location.

P Achumse Yingbithongrü
Kiphire | January 17

The military coup d'état which toppled the democratically elected government in Myanmar on February 1, 2021, among others, has not only has created a huge humanitarian crisis in the country but also impacted the neighbouring countries, due to the influx of refugees.

Thereafter, the popular pro-democratic struggle led by the National League for Democracy (NLD) Chairperson Daw Aung San Suu Kyi against Junta regime, captured the attention of Capitals across the world and media.

However, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has shifted the focus of the world and media away from Myanmar due to geo-political interest. 

Accordingly, with the world fixated on Ukraine, unrest in Myanmar is having its fallout in the region that need resolution to the conflict where thousands have been displaced and forced to flee because of the brutal crackdown by Junta regime against its own citizens who are demanding the restoration of  the duly elected democratic government.

Speaking exclusively to The Morung Express from an undisclosed location, a top Myanmar politician Bo Bo Oo, Member of Parliament and former Secretary of International Relation Committee said, “Myanmar people, especially in the war torn area is deeply suffering from insecure atmosphere as houses are been burned down by death squad of State Administration Council (SAC) and termination on sight are some of the facts that Myanmar people are facing daily that is having deep psychologically effect on its citizens.”’.

However, he asserted that even after two long years of conflict and fighting, support from the people are still intact and Myanmar citizens are committed to try and to get back their democracy and democratic government.

Asked on how Ukraine-Russian war has impacted the democratic struggle, Bo Oo admitted that the Myanmar issue faded after the Russian invasion and pointed out that international community should also do more for the Myanmar people’s quest to regain democracy. 

He also expressed appreciation to the international community for their support so far.

Myanmar has never got such support before, he explained, further seeking and expecting continued support by the international community.

Bo Oo also expressed regret over what he termed as the Indian government’s reluctance “to support our struggle for democracy.”

He further informed that the NLD in a proclamation has empowered the Chairperson Suu Kyi as its official spokesperson and she will lead and hold talks with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Special Envoy and International Community.

The NLD also welcome the ASEAN approach with five point consensus, he said. 

On the current ground situation, Bo Oo maintained that the Myanmar junta is ‘brutally responding to the people’s war by not only killing people in-discriminately, abducting, torturing and jailing people but also their family members as well.’

He further claimed that the SAC has lost outposts and failed in ground operations and resorting to air strikes on the democratic side.

The UNSC’s resolution 2669 shows SAC has lost its diplomatic power and international relations as the international community believe the latter won’t sustain and fall in the near future, he added.

Bo Oo also said that the SAC is planning a “sham election” which might boost them to de jure government.

However, he asserted that the ‘sham election’ would not be a political exit for the Myanmar crisis as it will benefit the dictator only.

He also appealed the international community and especially the Indian government not to recognise the election and firmly support 2020 election result.