DHD (pro-talk) chief denies quit notice

Dimapur, May 9 (MExN): The chairman of the pro-talk faction of the militant Dima Haolam Daogah, Dilip Nunisa today strongly denied that his group has served the Zeliangrong community to vacate Assam’s North Cachar Hills. Stating to be trying to contact Zeme leaders for peace talks, he condemned the reported eviction notice served to the Zemes purportedly by his faction. 

Speaking to The Morung Express this evening, Dilip Nunisa – who heads the DHD pro- talk faction – completely denied serving any eviction notice to the Zemes in NC Hills. He maintained that the Zemes are also his brothers and sisters. He termed the eviction notice to the Zemes as “baseless” and strongly condemned it. Expressing sadness over the volatile situation in NC Hills, the DHD chairman informed that he is trying to contact the Zeme leaders for peace talks.  Nonetheless, the All Zeliangrong Students’ Union (Assam, Manipur Nagaland) strongly alleged that the DHD (Dilip) faction had directed the Zemes in NC Hills to vacate the area by May 16. The students’ union condemned the eviction notice. 

The DHD (Dilip) leader maintained that it might be the work of some conspirators. “Behind every violence there are  conspirators and a politician…who knows it might be the work of the conspirators or politicians with vested interest,” the DHD (Dilip) faction leader said.