Diezephe-Tsithrongse issue: Peace Committee formed to settle land dispute

Dimapur, February 28 (MExN): A peace committee has been established to address the "35 years long dispute" between Diezephe and Tsithrongse Village. The committee was formed during a recent meeting of Tenyimi Union Dimapur (TUD) and Eastern Nagaland People’s Union Dimapur (ENPUD) following renewed tension on February 9 over a land boundary dispute between the two villages.

Operating under the banner "Peace committee for Diezephe & Tsithrongse Village," the meeting unanimously appointed Vekhosayi Nyekha (TUD) and L Shahoto Yimkhiung (ENPUD), the Presidents of the respective apex unions, as the Convenor and Co-convenor. The committee will also include 5 representatives from each union.

A press release informed that upon its formation, representatives from both unions visited the two villages on February 14 for a consultative meeting. 

Both villages agreed to provide written endorsement to the Peace Committee, aiming to bring a final and amicable solution to their long-standing disputes, stated the release issued by Er Caleb Kent, Member Secretary of the Peace Committee. It was further decided that 5 members each from the two villages will be part of the committee, it added.

In this regard, the Peace Committee appealed to both villages to maintain the status quo in accordance with the government's order until a resolution is amicably reached for a final agreement.