Dimapur gets a face lift, for the better

The fast paced development of Dimapur from a small town to a mini metro has gone through a phase of up and downs, but the business fraternity has survived. Although in the early days every business establishment in the town was taxed by all organizations, factions and anti socials, apart from the Nagaland Sales Tax, thus many businesses shut and tried their luck elsewhere. But those who left to start a new business venture outside the State have surprisingly returned to the town they had lost all hope on. Now, the town is developed in many areas, most significantly the cleanliness and a hygienic environment, plus many locals are now venturing in to try their luck and some have prospered, thus Dimapur is no more a place where only non-locals who controlled the economy of the district thus the major portion of the States coffers. Now, marketing has become more interesting and now we have a choice of goods and brands, thus no one comments when you wear garments sent from Abroad as “second hand mall.”

The town now has a Municipal, although it is never stable, but the name itself has an effect outside. The drainage has improved and the road and traffic more organized and one can tell when a driver is from Kohima or other Districts, due to their lack of etiquette, plus we do not have VIP convoys and motorcades racing into the crowded street with sirens blaring, for the public now know their rights. Even politicians are more cultured and discourage the use of motorcades just for shopping, as it was a few decades back. Taxation has become more organized and well channeled, be it to the Government of Nagaland or Nagalim, thus the business fraternity are investing more into their business. What is earned in the state stays in the state, thus improving our economy and also not forgetting the fact that we are living in the economic hub of the State.

The habits of the public have changed too. Now we have more and more people eating out with their families during weekends and also doing their shopping more carefully, thus always looking for a good bargain. Restaurants and places to eat has gone from Manipuri hotel only to different restaurants with their own specialty and cuisines. While on this topic, I really want to let the readers to try out the new Bengali Cuisine Restaurant at Chishi Marketing Complex. Now I can enjoy my Ellish and Shitol in my own home town, plus if I am in a hurry, I can pick up an egg roll or chicken roll as a drive in. Their our places for the lovers of sweets and also junk foods such as hot dogs and Burgers and Sundaes and not anymore momo’s, which I believe was the only fast food available at one period of time. The Bengali Specialty at the heart of the city is a place where even the interiors are very soothing and also very clean, and I can now see my “roll’s” being made, be it egg roll and chicken roll, thus I know what I am eating. Such places need to be encouraged, for some people prefer not to go into the restaurant and order the food when one is not properly attired or a bit heavy on the head after a late night out. It would really be a shame if the proprietors of the Malls and Complexes discourage drive ins like the one I am talking about.

It is more appropriate and prudent to do our Christmas shopping or whatever shopping in Dimapur itself, for the prices of commodities now cannot be hiked for the price tags are universal and the revolution of Advertisements has changed the face of the business community. Onlty a handful are too rich to spend all their money at one place try out the market in the main metros or take a trip to Singapore, HongKong or Bangkok, Thailand. It is only when you return and start opening the account/expenditure book that you realize how stupid you have been, for the same things are very much available here. Yes, the market at Hazi park with the cheapest rates are a place to shop by people from the interiors, but now customers want quality and not quantity anymore. We need to have more development no doubt, but at the pace the town is growing and developing, ten years from now, we will see a completely Different Township, which will make the Nagas proud. As more and more students come back from their studies either in the metros or overseas, the mindset of the public is changing and becoming broader, plus new ventures are the talk of the town. We need to ensure that Dimapur never becomes a haven for anti social elements, especially outfits from Manipur, who consider themselves as Nagas when in Nagaland then the next day become Manipuri when in Manipur. I am sure everyone reading this will know on who I am talking about. If their pride continues to grow, ther will be more and more scenes like the one taken place at Purana Bazaar recently. Nagas are loving and understanding and also God fearing, hence those who do not have these qualities are not from Nagaland thus they should go back to their own land and do likewise. The new developments in the District are very encouraging thus they badly need the support of the public of Dimapur, so that growth and development can advance head to head.

In Conclusion, “you must check out the Bengali Cuisine Restaurant, for I have been rather encouraged by this venture, and so I say this with all my heart (and stomach). Go and ask for your Ellish or Shitol or Rohu,. You will not regret it.”

Kedi Haralu