‘Dimapur-Kohima rail link will open new vistas’

Kohima, December 23 (ANI): Rail and road links play a vital role to ensure development of any place. Residents in this region of the State are upbeat after the commencement of Kohima-Dimapur broad-gauge railway line here. Kohima and Dimapur are the two most significant commercial hubs of Nagaland. Both of these cities are on the Northeast Frontier Railway chart to develop a rail link.

The Government has already sanctioned 8.50 billion rupees (850 crore rupees) to construct a 125-kilometres railway line. It is hoped that this work, which will connect 24 villages and towns through its route, shall be completed within an estimated seven years.

Local residents, especially the traders, are a delighted lot, as it would benefit all of them in many ways.

Victo Swu, the Chairman, Shukhovi Village, said: “The Government is providing a special chance to the villagers and then railway link is being provided to the villages. With this the villagers will get the benefit and the privilege for transportation and gain economic development.”

Many residents believe the rail connectivity will enhance their possibility to raise their income and reach out to far off places that remained difficult to visit due to fear of insurgency. Sumiholi, a resident, said: “In our land, there are many places which are insurgencyrone and even though we want to visit, we are not able to. With this, I believe peace will usher in and business will flourish in the state. This is our hope.”

The survey of the proposed broad gauge railway line through the hilly terrain areas has already been completed. The rail link is hoped to improve the business environment and act as a catalyst in the process of development of Nagaland.