DIS Peren denies involvement in ZBCC’s SSA ‘fund misuse’

Dimapur, Dec 10 (MExN): The Peren Deputy Inspector of Schools today issued a rejoinder to the allegations that it had given a clean chit to the Zeme Baptist Church Council (ZBCC) that SSA’s Residential Alternative Schooling (RAS) and Non-Residential Schooling (NRS) programs were implemented in the district, although they were not. (ZBCC leaders are charged of ‘mis-utilizing’ Rs 17, 97,995 funded by SSA for implementation of the mentioned programs; The Morung Express, December 7 issue) 

Peren DIS, Apeuna Iheilung, in a statement informed that when she took charge as DIS of the district in the middle of March 2006, the AS program under SSA was found to have been launched and implemented for a period of six months from October 2005 till April 2006. That only after a few weeks of her assuming charge, authorized persons from the ZBCC -undertaken program of RAS approached with a request to issue an acknowledgement and ‘complementation’ of their work as necessitated for onward submission of their report. 

“Since duly signed and certified documents from all concern authorities where the said programs were being carried out were furnished along with certified documents from competent authorities certifying that several children were brought back to the mainstream in education and so finding them to be genuine moreover it has been brought to my knowledge that when this RAS was first launched by the then DIS went and graced the occasion. Finding all these and with full faith, I appended my compliment to the ZBCC with best wishes to carry on the good work even in the days to come for the (uplift) of education and betterment of the people of the area, Peren district” DIS Iheilung stated. The DIS also clarified that the establishment of DIS is neither authorized for any financial/monetary matters in this regard nor has it been directed to monitor or supervise the Alternative Schooling programs. The mentioned programs are an arrangement carried out by the State Mission Authority, SSA, directly with the churches, she clarified. 

“So the establishment of DIS Peren has no knowledge about the fund sanctioned or the fund utilization. Therefore I ask the author of the stated press release not to accuse me or drag me into an issue without knowing the ground reality of things” she added.  

Mention may be made here that some leaders of ZBCC were charged of misappropriating SSA funds amounting to a whooping Rs 17, 97,995 provided by the State Mission Authority for implementation of Alternative Schooling programs for the year 2005-2006 in Peren. The amount which was directly given to ZBCC in three installments, was also not made known to the ZBCC executive council and remained a close-guarded secret among a few ZBCC leaders, it was alleged. Other charges include listing of bogus names of persons and villages in the implementation report of the council. It was alleged the some church leaders of ZBCC had claimed implementation although it was not.