Disability Rights: Laws passed but groundwork remains

Disability Rights: Laws passed but groundwork remains
Disability Rights: Laws passed but groundwork remains

Morung Express News
Kohima | March 7

The passing of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016 and the notification of the 4% job reservation for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) have been crucial starting points for ensuring disability rights. 

But to flaunt it as a massive achievement is facile, according to observers, as a lot more remains to be done on the ground. 
Purnima Kayina, President, Cherry Blossoms Society states that basic entitlements still remain unattainable for PwDs in Nagaland. She points out that scholarship and pension schemes for PwDs do not reach all beneficiaries, and there is no concession yet, in public transportation for persons with disabilities. 

"There are no facilities provided to private sectors who are catering to rehabilitate PwDs. No awards or recognition to motivate any individual or organisation," says Kayina, adding that attitudes need to change from a “charity mode.” Platforms need to be created for PwDs for employment generation while the abilities of PwDs in various fields needs to be recognized, she added.
Kezha Zecho, President, Nagaland Disability Forum, while acknowledging the government's aforesaid moves, however says that the visibility of PwDs is still wanting in Nagaland.

"Medical rehabilitation for PwDs is still very poor. There is still very less accessibility features in public places," says Zecho. Economic opportunities for PwDs also remain scarce with zero loan facilities.

On the 4% job reservation, Zecho expresses skepticism. "The implementing is another question," Zecho adds, noting that the response of the government remains very slow.