Disha's mood to guide her YouTube channel content

Disha's mood to guide her YouTube channel content

Disha's mood to guide her YouTube channel content

New Delhi, September 15 (IANS) Actress Disha Patani, an active social media user, has unveiled her YouTube channel. She says she will use the platform for putting up "unfiltered and raw" content that would vary, depending on her mood.

"I believe every social media platform has its own significance. For example, Facebook is a place where we can connect with our friends while Instagram is a more visually appealing site where we try to showcase only our best pictures and videos. I can't lie when I say that even I choose only my best pictures for uploading," Disha told IANS.

"Hence, I decided to come up with a YouTube channel where I can show a side of me that people haven't seen and my fans can know me better... where I can create videos which are a little more candid and about my life without worrying to be prim and proper because I know I already have Instagram for that," she added.

The channel, she said, is just to connect with her fans in a "more true sense so the content will basically be unfiltered and raw".

"There isn't a specified agenda that 'oh Monday, we will talk about health, Tuesday about good looks, etc. The content would vary depending on my mood and what I would like to show my fans. Possibly something funny, casual and cool like an everyday life glimpse for my fans," she said.

The fitness enthusiast will also have something related to it.

"You all know that I love fitness, so definitely a little bit of that would be thrown in as well and well, let's see...every video would unfold something new," she quipped.

Her fans would perhaps remember that Disha had also launched an app earlier.

"Unfortunately, I had to shut it down and the reason behind that was that I couldn't really give it too much time. In an app, it becomes very important to create content on a daily basis," she said.

Sadly, due to lack of time she had to do away with the app.

"Now however, I do have that time... would love to start the app again but I just feel that YouTube has a wider reach since practically, everyone uses it and also it gives me more freedom to decide when I would like to update my videos," said the "M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story" actress.

She has time for social media, but it isn't her entire life.

"Social media is a part of my life. I definitely am an active user on Instagram and YouTube, but I like to keep reminding myself that there is a life outside the Internet and I make it a point to balance out my time on social media," she said.