Do candidates to the 13th NLA elections have the competence required to transform Nagaland?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. For that matter anybody that gets elected has the competence but not necessarily the will, and therefore cannot stand up against unrealistic dream sellers and compromise Nagaland development for el dorado.

• Yes, but they wouldn’t.

• Yes, there are some good capable individuals especially the new candidates contesting in the 13th NLA. Amongst them, there are 5 women and some of them seem to be very promising leaders. But whatever we wished for, it cannot become a reality ‘IF’ it's not God's will or His time. So may God's will be done.  

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No, most are from the old parties, since they failed before they will fail again, as transforming NAGALAND in a good way is not part of their agenda and never has been. Same NLAs same lies, so no change their.

• No, they cannot as they are ill-advised and ill-trained, without any qualifications to build a nation, they only see the picture of Gandhi and they are hungry for power.

• No. The same old faces everywhere then where will there be changed

• No. Need to replace those old horse with new young and dynamic leaders

• No. No not at all • No. If the same old faces are everywhere, then where will be the changes?

• No. They have the competence to loot public.

• No. It’s really disappointing to see the same corrupt politician fighting again for election with so call revamped slogan.  

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Women candidates in the fray are intriguing. They deserve to be in the decision making.

• Tribal and civil society organisations sometime trespasses their limits in matters that do not require their interferences. And this is mainly because of the failure of the administrative system, which gives them impetus to raise their heads. But given the prominence of tribalism among Naga tribes and the special status conferred by the Constitution, the current habit, unfortunately, is inevitable. Also, our political representatives are, more or less, constituted accordingly representing their own tribes with a mild exception of urban town like Dimapur. In other words, political representative is really a tribal representative. As such, political class tends to get swayed by them. Civil society organisations although welfare in principle, yet most of them, as recent trends show, tend to be a reactive creation of some vested interests. As "too many cooks spoil the broth", such trend further complicate the issue and confuse the people and does more harm than good. That said, tribal and CSOs as such are important instrument of check and balance to the government's excess power. They are vital for stability and harmonious relationship between the government and the citizens so long they are independent and do not seek political power for themselves.

• Yes, but together in the house collectively, NO. They are not for Transformation but for Tug-of-war and Safari Excursions.

• Of the 200+ contesting in the 13th NLA. We can see there are enough winnable new candidates and old candidates who have the leadership, talent and knowledge to transform the state. Provided the old candidates who win change their old ways and do not get bogged down by the petty party politics once again. While the new candidates are able to resist being dragged into the personal fights of senior politicians. They can rescue Nagaland if their intention is to SERVE and not to RULE.

• Let the newbie get a chance… and hopefully positive transformation happen!