Do Naga women have an unspoken menace in Naga Society?

Those who voted ‘YES’ had to say

•    Only in comparison to women in other states but not compared to men

•    Every women contributes equal share to make a society, so there is no question if they have equal power in decision making. Every civic society needs a decision of a women

•    I don’t see any reason why Naga women can’t have equal rights.

Those who voted ‘NO’ had to say

•    None at all. Naga women are marginalized to the margins. Naga men are stuck up to their tradition and concerned only about maintaining their power.

•    There is no Naga customary law

•    The men in Nagaland think they are the superior gender & so the Naga women get less attention in the society, eg. NMA which is a useless association which sticks their nose in others affair, they do not look at their job but unnecessarily interfere in political affairs which is totally unacceptable. Thus Naga women have no equal Decision-making powers in the society.

Those who voted ‘MAYBE’ had to say

•    Despite all the talk and assumptions on the equal status, I don’t think Naga women have equal decision making power in the society. But again I feel that this needn’t be taken as a form of discrimination, since women also hardly try to assert themselves. Most of them are comfortable in what they are, the traditional role they play. Also we happen to have this misconception about this whole thing of equality. no society can function without socially differentiated roles. Naga women fighting for women’s lib need to keep that in mind...