Do the older Naga generations respect the opinions of the younger generations?

Those who said NO had this to say:

•    It is unfortunate that we have many Naga elders who do not respect the opinion of the younger generation, particularly politicians. They need to realize changes will happen for the better only when Nagaland is led by educated unselfish younger leaders.

•    The old people interpret everything from their own point of view. They don’t even know what is happening in the world. But they think their word is final, that is why there is so much problem of disobedience among the youths today.

•    The older generation have difficulties accepting that younger people today have more knowledge about the world than them. SO they feel threatened. I wish they would respect younger people and share their wisdom while also learning from younger Nagas. Older generation has so much to give to the young, but their insecurity makes them almost useless. This is the tragedy of the Nagas, the older generation wants to impose, but not listen and respect the younger Nagas.

•    No, may be, there are a few who do. On the contrary it is the reverse in our society. Mutual respect for one another will result in enriching our overall development.

•    The old generation has got its own reason for not supporting the views and ideas of the young generation. One of the reasons can be during their time things were different which they tend to uphold the old values which makes them to reject the modern values.

•    It would be asking too much of their pride

•    They (elders) think that younger generation lacks wisdom and life’s experience and also consider themselves to the godfather. But most of them not all are corrupted and power crazy; that may be one reason why they underestimate the younger generations. But in reality when young people are delegated or given a platform can do lot better than the elders in many fronts. There is a divide between elders and youngsters. Elders may have wisdom but can lack information and knowledge, whereas the youngsters may sort of wisdom so there is a need to bridge that gap of divide. Disrespect begets disrespect. Respect begets Respect.

•    The majority do not, as they find hard to change to new ways of doing things, since they say that they have done it this way since time immemorial, why change, since younger people lack the wisdom in many things their opinions are not counted for much. The elders must realize that time has changed and they as well the younger generation still have much to teach each other.

•    They feel very insecure of the fact that the younger generations, who are getting educated, open minded might do away with all the hatred and divisions that has been built among each other during the past. Time has come for younger generations to stand for unity and love. Say no to hatred and differences of the past. Then only they could promise a good future to the people.

•    No, their mentality is still world apart

•    No, because they are in a cultural shock

•    The older Naga generation is full of themselves. They don’t listen to the younger generations at all. They think they have all the right answers for everything. Their whole world ends in Nagaland itself. Without trying to understand the situation, the give answers. They have a paternalistic attitude to youngsters and don’t value or credit the opinions of the younger generation.

•    The older generation of Nagas are caught in the past and are reluctant to understand the present mindset of today. They still think that the world is like how they understood it. Their failure to see the world as ever changing is one of the problems why Nagas are still in the past. They have no respect or time to listen to the youths.

•    Not at all. The older generations are just so stuck up with their own thoughts and feelings. They don’t have the courage to listen to the younger generation because they feel that it would be a sign of weakness. They expect that the younger generation should follow them and listen to them completely without any question. This is why Nagas are not progressing at all.

•    Our culture itself indicate the stronghold of respecting elders, so as taking advantage the elders never consider to take opinion from the younger generation. In fact this brings gape in present situation. My opinion is not to give away our value culture but we should think outside our box and learned the value of other culture.

•    The older Nagas especially, the grandparents never like the way of the young generation. They are rightfully worried of the lost of the real Naga values-they are afraid because young Nagas have no self-dependence, no hard-work, think only of easy-quick money, drink from dawn to dusk if given the chance, no moral restraints, drug addiction etc and etc. Even the young generation is not happy with their own state. How could we expect the old folk to respect us? 

Those who said MAYBE had this to say:

•    Maybe, considering the recent poll on the youth of Nagaland where majority of the people voted No on their abilities in crafting their own future, perhaps it is partial. 

•    Both need to listen to one another. The old have wisdom, and the young have knowledge. Nagas need both of them together, not separate. But the ego is destroying Nagas.