Do today’s youth have the will power to fight the prevailing corruption in Nagaland? Give Reasons

•    Yes, today’s youth have the will power to fight the prevailing corruption in Nagaland. Put yourself in active role in the corrupted governance then you will learn the way of solving it gradually. This can be achieved only if you have the will power to stay with your secret commitment.

•    Definitely the Youths have the power to fight against corruption, to build our future or to ruin our own future depends on a person where we seek for a change. The best example will be like the Taiwan protest or the umbrella movement or even the pro-democracy revolution in Myanmar 90% of them was youths that seek for a change. If we can act like the western style then why can't we have the sense to bring a change in our own society neither it's too late to bring a change. Let's hope for a better society.

•    Yes youth have the will power and potential to fight against corruption and anti social elements that prevent a nation/State from developing and to begin this, the first and foremost required step should be unity. Once the youths from every nook and corner is united and fight the prevailing situation hampering the state from growth, there is nothing that can stop them from seeing rays of development.

•    I strongly believe that we have the power to stop the corruption in Nagaland state

•    No. We are all following the footsteps of corrupt leaders. Today, there is no young leader that we can say is a role model. 

•    A people with no vision will perish. Nagas have become a people without vision. Our forefathers were very primitive and backward but they had integrity and vision. But just look at the Nagas now, we are much more advanced than our elders but we have no vision. What a shame.

•    Lazy 

•    No. Everyone is Heartbroken 

•    No. Our society has become very selfish and driven by greed and self-interest. The younger generation is no different. They are materialistic and only think for themselves.

•    Big NO...reason, busy playing PUBG

•    There is too much money without accountability of works done. When election comes, people become selfish and do not have the will to fight corruption.

•    Youth are the same like leaders who are sway away by money power

•    No, today’s youths especially females the so called educated women and girls will never have the will power to fight corruption, the only will power modern women and girls have is only during so called, “women empowerment and gender equality.” The only time females have the will power to fight is not corruption but having the audacity to point fingers at male. I have never seen or in action by a highly educated females fighting for political solution or talk about solution to Naga problems, only males have concern about Naga solution and corruption. The only time females is concern is only about gender agendas, not about the reality solution to Naga problems.

•    I don't think the present youths will.  Of course we have the power and ability but the youths itself also corrupted in the face of money (maximum)

•    Lazy Naga no one will wake up from sleep

•    Unfortunately a big No. Most of the young people are busy trying to make a name for themselves and trying to climb the ladder to higher positions. We Nagas do not have a culture of personal integrity. We are our own worst enemy. We are destroying ourselves. Just look at how parochial and narrow minded the so-called leaders have become.

•    The youths today are not worried about corruption, all they care is getting followers, likes, influence by fashion, want to be social media influencer imitating the celebs and fancy things etc only 1/10 is hardly concern about it. There is no end to corruption in Nagaland as the very youth we are talking about now are just after money. Even for the smallest of electing a representative, money is been used as the main tool of gaining votes. When we can't elect a deserving representative in the smallest group election let's just forget about eradicating corruption at the higher ground

•    The youths in general have the positive attitude to fight against corruption. However only those corrupted practitioners make it to top brass of student unions. And what can we expect from them. They even after reading this won’t hesitate to take money from the corrupted leaders. And sell our rights.

•    This generation youths are useless, cow dung dimak!

•    No one is even commenting ho.

•    All are frustrated, no body care to fight corruption.

•    Yes today’s youth have the potential, the capability but no will power to fight corruption. NSF leaders on big cars, come on.