Do you agree that Anticorruption strategies need to be based on evidence to a much greater degree if it is to make any progress? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. Evidences are needed to make any conviction, in the absence of evidences as a subject of conviction, there are possibilities that even an innocent person can fall prey. It is also important that people in authority do not provide and hindrances while in the process of investigation and not get involved in any kinds of red-tapism.

• Yes. Unbelievable and horrible corruption is practiced by politicians and bureaucrats...causing huge inequality among nagas and depriving much needed development for our dear Nagaland...

• Yes. To prevent misuse.

• Yes. How can you prove without evidence if he or she is guilty. If the evidence is wiped out by some powerful force then there is nothing we can do.

• Yes, bring out the whole truth from the beginning irrespective of social status.

• Yes. Protest and bandhs are not enough. To beat systemic corruption it also needs to be defeated legally. This is where evidence is required. This is an area where we are lacking in skill and the know how of the legal system and practice.

• Yes, to defeat the powerful one must be organised and should be armed with the facts and figures.

• Yes. Of course. The word anti-corruption itself means the need to present evidence.

• Yes, everyone is against corruption. Fighting against corruption is a completely different matter all together. This is the difference that we Nagas are not making. IF we want to make progress against corruption, let us stop making meaningless statements, but let us base our accusations on facts and figures.

• Yes. Anti-Corruption will continue with the strength of God as long as Corruption dominates a cent percent Christian State.

• Yes. Without evidence it's just a waste of breathe.

• Because proper evidence when taken and analysed gives a sense of what constitutes the ground reality after implementing these strategies.

• Yes, Anti-corruption should start from bottom pyramid levels and then going up the ladder. This means government offices, non-government like the underground camps and offices, finance and banking sectors, education, home, legislative, parliaments, land, agriculture etc. However, small businesses and schools should be supported fully by the government and the public. It will produce more results and help to better connect the dots. The strategy should be through peaceful and lawful means. A strong investigation team should be deployed across the vast spectrum of society. They should be given rules and procedures to conduct the investigation over a course of time period. Deadlines to produce authentic hard evidences and results should be rewarded. Each investigator should write a report for their results. Churchill during the war had ordered his British officials around the world to produce individual reports for faster results. Fair trial for everyone on board.  

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. Not in Nagaland. Here everyone knows what the problem is. We know who is who and what is what. Everyone knows the truth but the problem is no one what’s to do anything about it.

• No. What is the point when everything is manipulated by the powerful people. We know that they are using the government machinery to cover their wrong doing. Corruption in Nagaland is a political problem.

• No. What's the use of evidence if the court doesnt take action on it.  

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Organisations against Corruption have relied a lot on RTI, but still the truth is not completely out. In RTI only the small fish gets caught in the net but the bigger fish escapes. This is because the politician and bureaucrat have mastered the system how to escape detection from any paper trail. We need to go beyond RTIs.

• What are you saying that there is no corruption? Or who is the bigger crook?

• Nagaland is the land of kushi-kushi. Everyone is doing what they want. We accuse people on suspicion without any evidence, we malign people’s name without any compunction. How can any anti-corruption movement grow out of such self-righteous attitude.