Do you agree that Naga people have been reduced to purchasable commodities? How?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. The few points to substantiate are as follows: 1. Election abused is one of the solid proof. 2. We easily swayed away by materialism. 3. Too much socialization. 4. Loose life style. This are the main hindrances in making of modern civilization.  

• Yes, if Naga people have not been reduced to purchasable commodities then many of the present elected members won't be in the present position. It is a shame to our people that most of them are elected to the present position with stolen money and voters openly demanded big money for their votes. So both elected members and general public are all idiots. There is no other uniqueness of our Naga society but we as people have become robbers and extortionists. That is the uniqueness of Naga society.  

• Yes. The recent elections have clearly shown that Nagas are willing to give up their dignity and integrity for short term monetary gains.  

• Yes very much...We have become lower than the prostitutes. We are all like street dogs. Sad to note but Nagas have become not only purchasable commodities but have become substandard commodities which can be bought with a very low price.  

• Yes. Without a shadow of doubt we Nagas have fallen to the bottom of the pit. This past elections the way in which people sold their votes only cheapen themselves to purchasable commodities. What a shame!  

• Everything is clearly written on the wall. Nagas can be easily purchased with money. Leaving aside politics, the understanding and justification put forth.  

• No matter what and at any cost, we need to have a government in the state that is as per the centre's -dispensation- desire and wishes so that we will receive huge money from the centre.  

• Money is everything for the Nagas so any Naga can be purchased by money.  

• Yes, not only purchasable commodities but Nagas can be bought with a very cheap price. Our identity, rights, morality and faith can be purchased by our enemy with few thousands.  

• 100% yes. Forget about general public even the candidates and director easily fall prey into a mere purchasable commodity. Some worth Rs 10000 some Rs 10-80 lakhs.  

• If a Naga Minister speaking in Hindi in State Assembly where members cannot even understand Nagamese and a Naga Chief Minister appreciating him just to please centre so that centre will send big money to state is a cleared sign that we have become just a commodity which can be purchased with a very cheap price.  

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. We Nagas are not purchasable commodities. We will not allow anyone to purchase us.  

• No, not yet. But we are slowly getting there unless we realize that we are only destroying ourselves.  

• No, we are just learning the A,B,Cs.   • No. We are not, we will not be and we should not allow that to happen. We cannot sell of right and dignity at any cost  

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• This is a strong question with a statement. How many of us readers will take serious note of the questions.  

• Starting from village level elections (VC Chairman and VDB secy) to general election, not forgetting students body election. The word election means money in Nagaland whether in small platform or bigger platform.