Do you agree that the Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition Act, 1989 needs to be reviewed by an independent body? Why?



Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes. Because it is not implemented successfully.
•    Yes. The reason being even if the liquor is prohibited, our state is full of low quality alcohol. I therefore feel that the act should be reviewed.
•    Yes. Because people are dying due to adulterated booze and drinking for drinkers will continue, this is the failure of the church, they should not try to pass the buck to the government for their failure to abstain from liquor.
•    Yes. It is shop business.
•    Yes, NLTP Act 1989 needs to be reviewed; it’s like a decoration that was made and forgot. Nagaland is becoming a hub of liquor be it local made or company made, every shops sell liquor. It is a fact;  just ask for a liquor in a shop in Nagaland their reply would  be probably yes, if no, they will tell the costumer to ask the next shop… So it should be checked strictly by the Naga political groups, or the government should appoint a board or an organization to tackle this destructive water. NLPT has driven the trade underground giving rise to a booming and an organised black market that not only profits from non-existent statutory taxation but also the lack of quality control. Yes it is now or never, NLTP Act in Nagaland is like a scarecrow.
•    Yes, license system is a must to do away with the present hypocrite culture.
•    Yes. First, the prohibition is not happening, we have shops selling only mineral water bottles everywhere. Second, illegal liquor syndicates are thriving. Third, consuming adulterated liquor is leading to more health issues. Fourth, loss of vital state revenue. Fifth, the government and the ban propagators have failed to enforce the ban. Banning will not help, legalising and regulating is the way forward.
•    Yes. The NLTPA 1989 was not efficiently carried out in the manner it should be. The supposed to be "dry state" have just dry and dusty roads. There are liquor shops in every nook and corner of the colonies. The seizing of liquor by the excise department keeps on increasing which reflects that the act was not prohibited in a stern manner and so people still have the guts to sell/bring it to the state.
•    Yes. This Act is not even valid in the present scenario. Daily transactions on liquor is open everywhere. The concerned authorities are involved in this process no proper penalty is given to the smugglers. In fact the only reasonable solution will be to fully Legalize liquor in the state...and regulate strictly and give limited access by the state authorities to the citizen, .which also becomes as a source of income for the state.
•    Yes. Let us stop our hypocrisy.
•    Yes. Every individual Naga knows this act is mockery.
•    Yes. Nothing will happen.
•    A big fat YES. This is one of the most important and critical thing that needs to be addressed at the earliest. After all, it would be a wise thing on Earth to drink legally.
•    Yes, dry doesn't solve society liquor addiction problem.
•    Yes. Needs to be reviewed and church need not involve in this. They'll never know how much they're helping bootleggers and black marketers. Kill consumers with adulterated alcohol.
•    Yes. It needs to be reviewed or else just lift the prohibition as it is a mockery. In papers, Nagaland is a Dry State, but in reality alcohol joints are available in every nook and corner of the state.
•    Yes. Because the Act remain ineffective for most people. The problem of alcoholism is still rampant in our society. The inflows of adulterated alcohol continue to increase each time.
•    Yes. Prohibition is not the solution the state is missing on huge revenue.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    No. Why prohibition in the first place. Who is dictating to drink or not to drink? Who are these hypocrites? It’s a case of partial MENTAL disorder. Let the people decide with their own life. Enough of these moronic nonsense rules. 
•    No. Money flow with liquor and nobody cannot escape from it.
•    No, it should not be reviewed but policeman, advocates, public leaders, “underground and overground” public should stop drinking at own will.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    Is this even a valid question?
•    Hypocrisy or rather trying to sound valid!
•    The whole Prohibition issue reeks of insincerity and hypocrisy! Does this poll add to that?
•    Prohibition should be done with. Nagas drink so much there is no need to continue the charade and the hypocrisy.
•    It was imprudent on the part of NBCC to meddle into state affairs. Issues like this needs to be addressed by state authority and not church. This doesn’t mean church encourages liquor consumption. Ground reality says a different story.
•    Because the government is scared to do and is using NGOs as buffers.
•    Do you agree that the Total Prohibition Act in Nagaland is the biggest sham ever in the history of mankind, and that the multi-crore industry profits organisations and individuals who take the moral high ground!
•    NLTP Act is the joke of the century. People need to be realistic.
•    NLTP Act, like everything else in Nagaland, is making the masses pay for the gains of a few.