Do you agree that COVID-19 pandemic is transforming the state of journalism in Nagaland? Give reasons

Yes: 15

•    Yes. People are starting to trust newspapers for credible news. Most newspapers have critiqued the Government and local bodies on COVID related shortcomings which have brought in changes to policies and the state's response to the pandemic. Some media houses are yet to find the courage to critique though and are presenting everything as utopian.

•    Journalism in Nagaland has improved so much in the past year. From articles to interviews, everything has improved. The saying 'Every cloud has a silver lining' perhaps is true?

•    Yes, there are more insightful and investigative stories. This is a big step for journalism in Nagaland and should be encouraged by all.

No: 8

•    If were given chance to rate then I would rate 1 of 10.  And definitely a big ‘NO’. There is so much to be done in Nagaland.

•    No, it will not be transformed. Journalism in Nagaland is a practice of safe play.

•    In no way, instead tension and insecurity.

•    No. The print journalism has improved but electronic media has not. You can see that the print media follows some media ethics but the electronic media does not follow any guidelines and is putting up news before any proper authentication of information has been done.

•    Please pay attention. Many of us have registered in cowin website as well as aarogya Setu app. But that is all. We can’t find any vaccination centres or even vaccination dates. Either the technology is not working at the central level or the State govt. has not yet updated the pin codes, vaccination centres etc. Please write about this in your newspaper. I have no idea how to get my vaccine shots. I am a demographic falling between 18 to 45 years and since walk-in is not allowed, how do I schedule my vaccine shots???? This is something traditional media can still do. Please help!!!!

Others: 3

•    It is too early to come to any conclusion yet.

•    You come across some stories now and there which is really good. I think if the journos did more stories on their own the quality of news will surely improve tremendously. Unfortunately most of the news reports are based only on press release and this is hindering journalism in Nagaland.