Do you agree that Nagaland Elections have become “not the backdoor but the front door of all the corrupt systems that are there?” Give Reasons

•    This is the main door for those many parasitic unemployed jobless rich people draining the economy of our state's development fund.
•    Corrupt people elect corrupt leaders.
•    Money 
•    Because of Majoritarianism
•    Yes. Only the rich and powerful stand for elections and those that win ensure their term in power is for their own selfish reasons and interests.
•    Yes I completely agree. We have become shameless. There is no accountability and everyone knows that there is no rule of law. Because no one is going to punish the corrupt and there is impunity people indulge in corruption openly with no fear at all. Election is part of this corrupt system in Nagaland. 
•    Ofcourse because only during the coming of election the politician work their ass off to satisfied the citizen of a state and the people to think that instead of giving the right vote to the correct politician they sit and wait to see who gives the best price money for the vote.
•    Because most intending candidates beg, borrow or steal and become enslaved during elections Thus, the vicious cycle of repayment process through corruption and nepotism continues again and again
•    System is corrupted from root, both public and leaders

•    Every other country/state has corruption issues, but you need to understand "laziness" is the front door of corruption

•    Backdoor is the new front door. The Government and its governance has been one that incorporated the front door of all corruption systems. It has paved way to poverty, nepotism, misuse of power, resources, funds etc, and ultimately these vices has negatively impacted the Naga public. The Nagaland Elections has revealed what the electorates are, once you empower them with the idea that power lays with them for once, 'the election'. Nagaland elections, is just one among the many doors of the corrupt systems. There are people who do not participate in these elections but practice corruption in other platforms. It's an indication of what we are, at the moment.
•    Someone said some party will give 1 lakh for 1 voter
•    The question is no less than asking if the charcoal is black in colour
•    It is so transparent that we don't have to give reason
•    In this generation I don't think it will changes the corrupt systems in our State, but let's hope for the best.