Do you agree that Nagaland lacks development due to pendency of the Naga political issue? Give Reasons

•    Christianity is holding it back
•    Corruption 
•    People are paying taxes to 9 groups, industrialists are not willing to invest in Nagaland due to this. The day they announce that they are setting up an industry, they receive a demand note.
•    The undevelopment is caused when there is no presence of abled ruler and ,poverty , illiteracy, and another cause that the people are suppressed by the ruler

•    Development Corruption weakening the whole system in Nagaland.
•    Centrally sponsored schemes should reach the grassroots level through proper strict protocol mechanism
•    We only talk about developments, Execution, practical and hard work missing. We must act, work honestly talk less outsiders will not do for us
•    Naga political issue is the last thing any sane individual would blame for lack of development.
•    No, just an excuse
•    That's ridiculous... totally disagree.
•    No. Nagaland government budget for 2022-2023 is 24,239 crore gross expenditure. So on paper, around 24,239 crore are spent in Nagaland each year. Corrupt people will make new excuses after political solutions too
•    No…it's just the excuse made to fill the pockets of the corrupt people in our state.
•    Development and Political Issue are different entities. With what little you have if used objectively, you will see genuine visible change/development. This intention to change is either for personal or for entire State as the target. Genuine development will come to every nook and corner, if there is a genuine intention to make it happen, whatever the circumstances.
•    Nagaland lacks development due to lack of prioritization of development activities and mismanagement of funds and grants. Grants and funds are flowing in from the Centre, however, the state has failed to deliver even the basic amenities like Road and sanitation.

•    I agree to some extent but funds are coming in terms of crore. Where are all these Gandhi's going? After filling pocket from the top to bottom like a pyramid, money toh aowl hoijai.
•    If Nagaland was an independent country then Messi would be playing a league in the Dimapur stadium after reaching from Kohima through air service. Just kidding, we would not even have 3G service to ask this stupid question.
•    Unresolved Naga political issue didn't stop funds for Nagaland state. In fact, under the provision of article 275 of Indian Constitution, Nagaland is also one the states receiving funds in terms of crore. If I'm not mistaken, Nagaland state received around Rs 4500 crore every year. Again funds for particular developmental projects are different from other schemes. Every projects allocated to Nagaland state is 90% sponsored by central government, even 100% in some cases. Now where does unresolved Naga political issue comes into play? Did Naga underground stop Indian government from providing funds?. Instead it is legally elected representatives using some Naga underground to win the election and in return elected representatives nexus with some Naga armed political leaders and misused public funds for own benefits. I said some Naga armed political leaders because if those thousands of crore of money were siphoned off by "NPGs", they would have buy bullet proof vehicles, tanks, aircraft, missiles etc by now. But it is only "Some" Naga armed political leaders building mansions after mansions along with "legally" Elected representatives of Nagaland state. Who is fooling who? Are Naga public too naive to see the reality???
•    What? Just use central government money Judiciously
•    With examples and if compulsory with diagrams
•    Another excuse by CM for looting. If Nagaland lacks development due to pendency of the Naga issue than why is Rio wealth increasing and Nagaland development lacking?
•    Naga political issue and the corruption in the Government in the main reason for it.
•    If Kohima district can be developed anyhow, I find it hard to believe that the rest of Nagaland can't be developed because of the stated reason!
•    Social unrest situation in Nagaland everywhere. And every nook and corner is a division.
•    I don't think it's only for this reason but also because of irresponsible citizens and leaders like you and me.
•    The luxury of impunity by the Government
•    Hopeless government run by hopeless politicians