Do you agree that the Clean Election Movement in Nagaland is a social responsibility of the church? Give Reasons.

Some of those who voted YES said: 
•    Yes, it is the moral and social responsibility of the church to lead the Clean Election movement. The church must be in the forefront of bringing about reforms in our society, clean elections being one of them. When elections are muddied by corruption, abuse of power and all kinds of social evil if the church does not speak up for the truth and righteous, who will?

•    Absolutely yes because church mission is to make a good humanity and to make out society a better society

•    Yes, when a nation fails to stand on the morals, virtues and ways of God disorder and evil triumphs and is clearly evident in our state today. No fear of God has led us to where we are today .Our ancestors were known for their courage, integrity and honour. Standing for the right things but along the way we have traded these virtues for convenient and unethical means. And revival has to start with you and me, the body of Christ and “the Church” has a big role to lead people on the right path by leading with example. When a nation stands on the word of God great things happen and history of great nations like the United States of America is a big example. Abraham Lincoln took oath as the 16th President of the United States with a sincere prayer. And on his inaugural address on March 4, 1861 Lincoln stated "Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him who has never yet forsaken this favoured land are still competent to adjust in the best way all our present difficulty”. And such sincerity and conviction is what we need from every individual and leader today. I hope, believe and am praying to see revival in our state. To see God raise a generation that is hungry for God and His ways and see revival birth in every area and truly be “Nagaland for Christ” as we so profess . You and I are the salt and light - A city built on a hill cannot be hidden. God bless my Nagaland , land that I love

Some of those who voted NO said: 
•    Churches in Nagaland has its commitments to be fulfilled not Elections

•    Politics and religion are two different parallel ways of human beings.

•    Cannot succumb solely to the church because it is everyone responsibility.

•    Not at all. It’s the responsible of every citizen. For awareness for better outcome is everyone duty, but as a church it’s not the goal or aims, we are not having an election for pastor or any church committee. Church association can encourage for clear and transparent election yet not the movement. And finally the person that raised this thought should understand the difference between politics and church.

•    Church should engage only on saving souls. Election matters live it to civil societies

•    As the often repeated dictum goes "Change begins at home". The church should look at cleansing its system before trying to clean others mess. In a society like ours where religion encompasses all spheres of our lives (socio, economic, political), the church ought to reinforce and built the concept of cleanliness (in conduct & action) amongst its congregation by removing the layers of bureaucracy, partisanship, special privileges' and stop acknowledging or accepting donations from people or organisations with dubious character. Encourage the concept of hard, smart and honest work and conduct. Provide support for the economically weak, sponsor individuals with talent in academic, sports as well as other fields so that we can become self-reliant individually and society as a whole. Unless the church is willing to make such changes at its front, the call for clean election will be like the concept of "old wine in a new bottle".

Some of those who voted OTHERS said: 
•    Acts 6:1-7- At the time, the number of the disciples was greatly increasing. A complaint arose from the Grecian Jews against the Hebrews because the Grecian widows were being neglected in the daily ministry. The twelve summoned the multitude of the disciples and said, 'It's not appropriate for us to forsake the word of God and serve tables. Therefore brethren, select from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and of wisdom. Then we can appoint those men over this business, and we apostles will continue to devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.'?" Social responsibility is to a large extent a domain for people with societal aspirations and as such, the Church can at best be the moral instigator when it comes to a society whose constituents are Church goers. Many people think of morality as something that's personal and normative, whereas ethics is the standards of "good and bad" distinguished by a certain community or social setting. Election is by large an activity where we say "Since all of us can't do everything together, let us have someone do it on our behalf, so that we may prosper based on our collective aspirations while we seek our individual aspirations individually." Social responsibility is our domain as the ones who constitute society and as such, outsourcing our very own responsibility to an establishment that exists for our spiritual growth, we no longer can be said to be a social group worth existing as a society but rather as subjects under a ruler.

•    Clean Election is just a myth. Let's not waste time. Even churches are actively taking a role in politics nowadays. Let them pray hard that's all.

•    Religion and politics is a heady cocktail, better to keep them apart!

•    It is responsibility of the voters to vote for the right candidate. I think not even Jesus can change the greed that is in our mind. Corruption will stop once we stop taking it during atleast 50% I believe.

•    I'm simply fade up of this clean election topic...The bottom line is everyone got a voting right so they'll vote according to their own preference.