Do you agree that the State Government should reduce its expenses on purchasing vehicles for members of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly and Civil Secretariat? Give Reasons

•    Nagaland is not an income generating state. The government should be prudent in how it utilizes its resources. Spending lot of resources on buying luxury vehicles is not in good taste. There must be a strict policy in regard to the purchase of vehicles. I hope the present government will look into this matter.

•    To reduce pollutions

•    Heavy financial deficit 

•    The present-day kings and queens should minimize purchasing vehicles and fairly work for the overall welfare of their citizens. Solely dependent on the central govt. for most of the funds, GoN should adopt austerity measures whereby areas of concern can be developed with proper distribution of funds to districts. Sadly the present dispensation is unable to pay the salaries of its employees on time. Alternative ways need to arise.

•    Yes. Using luxury cars for normal government work and public service is not in good taste. Nagaland should be practicing austerity, but a good percentage of the cars used as SUVs and sedans, it makes us think that the government is financially sound. This is hogwash.

•    Yes, there is no question about it. A lot of precious resources seems to be going towards purchase of luxury cars for government servants. This is not right. Corrective measures need to be taken at the earliest.


•    This will be a welcome decision. The public knows that the state government is facing financial crunch and so it will boost the confidence of the people when they see that the government is serious and stops the purchase of luxury cars.