Do you agree we need a new generation of leaders to bring about positive changes in Naga society? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 
 •    Yes, we need a new generation of leaders. The present group of leaders doesn’t seem to be getting us anywhere. We are only going from bad to worse. We need leaders that will put the people first before their personal interest.

•    Uncorrupted, God fearing young leaders. We need a fresh start, because the present system is corrupted to the core... from peon to CM. It can only happen if the common majority citizen rise up and takes action. We need an open public revolution. We the public need to start watch dogs the leaders n bring them to justice. But be careful not to turn into a kind of mob justice. Balance....of because there will be collateral damage. No pain no gain.

•    Present leaders are not sufficiently future oriented; Lack far-sighted visions. Stained by tribalism and Clan (ism). Too many leaders are involved in "Side Income" business without ethical prick of conscience.

•    Yes we need a new generation of leaders in tribal bodies, churches and NGOs. In our state, it is not only the politicians, the tribal bodies, churches and NGOs also have important role. The qualities of leadership in tribal bodies and NGOs have been below par. This needs to change.

•    Because we need new generation leaders to make a better Nagaland all this old leaders are cash cows sorry to say but most of the MLAs?

•    Instead of fighting for separate country without any resources for survival, we need leaders who work for self sustenance and development of Nagaland by Indian funding. At least we can have equal development like other places on India.

•    Because of division of the past and corruption of the present and Nagaland belongs to the next generation.

•    Current generation is used to the corruption. Maybe a new group will do.

•    Nagaland has not moved forward in the last 20 years ...we are still stuck in the position of Laying Foundation stones!!
•    Many older generation leaders are now irrelevant, ineffective and lost the grip of people pulse. They simply want to maintain status quo with maintenance attitudes. They do not accept radical change, reformation or upgradation from outdated structures, system and approaches from the old version. They do not want to take risk or blame or burden for any consequence or error. They are not welcoming to suggestions or new ideas to meet the present trend. They view them as threatening, criticism and rebelling to their authority. They fail to tap the available human resources to meet the challenges and bridge the gap. They feel as insecure of their positions when a competent people come forward to supplement them. As a result, they view them as enemy instead of drawing strength from them in their weak spots. No doubt, the older generation should serve as consultants, advisors and encourages to the younger generation.

•    Absolutely yes, we need a new school of thought and mentality in this digital world without forgetting our culture and tradition. Our society is rule enough by a gun and money culture, which is foreign to us. We need leaders to build a ruin society and a concept that works only for the welfare of the people.

•    Yes! Yes! But young HONEST leaders please! The old reprobates have to go away, infact disappear please.

•    It's time the old horse retire and make way for the younger ones, they be in the advisory board though.

•    Yes! It’s just 18 years in this world and I am already afraid of my future! Young youth who is selfless and a man of words, we need it now! I don't want on my 19th to comment the same word worrying of my Naga society, the underdeveloped, the selfish politician and so on!

•    A new leader mean new ideas and development all around the society, Our society really need digital and innovative way of education.

•    We really need to update and upgrade.

•    Yes, why because at this present generation no leaders will bring Change tats sure, so new leadership will atleast bring some changes in our society.

•    Absolutely YES! The mess that our state is in since decades is reason enough to bring in the new and young generation leaders to take over from the mess making old folks.

•    Yes, because the ones we have now are all corrupted, money minded and opportunist, we don't have any honest or sincere leaders. We Nagas need revolution.

•    Every single day again but new system of live too needs help.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:  
•    No, having new leaders has changed nothing. We have good number of young and first time legislators in this Assembly, but we see nothing has changed. They only follow what already exists. Very discouraging.

•    No. We have elected politicians and we have nominated tribal hoho executives. I think we must do better in choosing right people because we do not see any positive changes from the present lot.

•    The cycle of corruption will continue even with the new generation of leaders unless the present generation of leaders brings about a drastic change and influence the next generations and be a role model to them. We Nagas lack any role model in our society. The youngsters and upcoming leaders are all directly or indirectly working or involved (and also being patronised) with the corrupted present leaders. And they will be all heavily influenced by their lifestyle and thoughts and continue to carry the legacy of corruption, nepotism and bad things. I cannot confidently see any change with those upcoming young leaders unless they detached themselves completely with the present leaders in terms of ideology, lifestyles which are rotten.  Let me quote a story which was told to me by a friend from a remote area in Nagaland during an election rally long time back.

(Disclaimer: story may or not be true)

There were two candidates in that particular constituency. One was an old seasoned politician (sitting MLA) and the other was a very young dynamic first time candidate. The young candidate took the podium first and he went on the spoke eloquently and voraciously about his vision and then ranted about how his opponent who is the sitting MLA was corrupted to the core and done no developmental activities for the constituency but amass only the ill gotten wealth for himself and family... building huge mansions, resorts in state capital and commercial district etc. and then pleaded the voters not to be fooled in voting for a corrupted leader but make a change and vote for him so that he will bring change and development to the area.

Next the old politician stood up and took the stage quietly. He calmly gave the greetings and salutations like a seasoned politician. He told the audience, “Whatever this young man said about me is true. I don’t deny any of the facts. But let me assure you that it took me 20 years (four term as ruling MLA) to be able to reached that far in making myself rich. Yes I have neglected developmental activities in our constituency. But! Give me one more chance to be your leader again. My days of corruption to amass wealth are over. Now I’m self sufficient, I don’t need any more money. For the next 5 years if I’m elected I will put my full focus and attention to the development of our area. Now if you elect this young smart guy, what assurance is there that he won’t turn out to be like me. You will lose another twenty years in development. He will first make himself wealthy and forget about his promises he made today. In turn you will all be fool to have elected him. So vote for me and this time I’ll bring change and development. Needless to say the old seasoned politician won the election by a huge margin. The above story sums up the entire Naga political scenario and leaderships.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    We need God fearing leaders in Nagaland. 

•    Since having new generations of leaders is inevitable, perhaps more important factor to consider is the kind of worldview and its moral standards that will be most prevalent in Naga society.

•    A new generation of leaders is not enough to bring positive changes. The system must also change, the bureaucracy also needs to change.

•    The right people who can give good leadership unfortunately do not stand for election. Even if they stand they will probably lose due to lack of money power. To have good leaders, the voters must change and vote for the right people to represent them.
•    The election system must first be cleaned up.

•    Change in society comes from within the family and how we converse among our family and peers. An outsider or a leader cannot bring about drastic positive change in a society.

•    Since the present new generation or the youngsters are more well educated and are most likely to bring great changes in the Naga society.

•    I hope this question is not limited to politicians alone. We need good leaders in all the fields.

•    Society is referred to mostly as the people in a country or area, thought of as a group, who have shared customs and laws. Change is inevitable in every aspect of a human life but the means towards a change is either sought, imposed or brought about individually or by society. All of us readers and commentators in this platform and elsewhere are a product of the changes that has happened over time and will continue to do so and the intent and value of our comments will be based on how we have come to perceive change and our contribution towards society. When a generation of society (Nagaland) is based on free loading, the generations after those also become reliant on free loading for luxury as survivability is a given owing to either hoardings of wealth or affiliations. The provided and affluent are those who can go up the podium and talk of change but they themselves are unwilling to change while the meritorious labouring majority start off towards working for a change but eventually go on to be satisfied as they can be satisfied with what they have and can continue to have leaving behind a miniscule frustrated minority to seek and provide change. Leaders can be from any generation while changes in any society will be dependent on the varied aspects such as, economic, social, political, historical, cultural, regional, etc. Awareness on proper knowledge coupled with wisdom for the varied aspects on society and its need to all walks of life will provide platforms for many to seek and eventually provide leaders who will works towards informing, instigating and initiating the masses towards seeking positive changes in our society. Change has always been around since time amoral, the attribute of proper investigation to apply what and individual willingness is what is lacking in us.

•    Well, after spending 25 years in Nagaland Police from 1967 to 1992, I dare say that this was practiced by every new list of State MLA's toll they occupy a Chair of Gain and this feeling of going something for the State just vanished with theirs thrust of making a multistory building at Dimapur with a Farm house near Chümoukedima of new border areas of Dimapur. The new generation just forgot about the oath they took before electorate's to improve own areas or facilities for public. This outcry shall always be their but the present generation of students and leaders should learn from past mistakes of State leaders by looking at their palatial houses and do something for public. I still see broken roads and highways. During my times, I went to each village of Mokokchung on foot as we had no road, no jeep and no wireless sets even. Please wake up and for some improvement in the life of general public with good roads, electricity and water supply for each household. I want a new life and to be reborn for Nagaland as it's in my blood stream. Please improve infrastructure for every citizen. God bless all of you.

•    Let's start from the education system. It sucks straight up. Emphasis on academic excellence won't get us anywhere. Teach the kids to earn money and save money. Teach them to use their skills to sell what they can create and use those ideas to share with and learn from others to do the same.

•    We need better voters

•    By the time we get new young dynamic leaders who will serve the public in truth and honesty and integrity the other side of the world will be in heaven by then the rapture would have been taken place. 

•    The question immediately follows up with of why we need new leaders.

•    Changes in the society come from within the family not from an external human power.