Do you agree with Nagaland Government’s directive asking private hospitals to reserve 50 % of their bed capacity of normal wards and ICU for treatment of COVID-19 patients? Give reasons?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:
•    Common social sense

•    As we can see clearly by our own naked eyes that how deadly this virus is. That is why we should help one another during this kind of situations. Just imagine yourself in serious condition and you don't find a single bed to lay down in the hospital. How you would feel or in case if it is your family members, relatives or friends? How embarrassing it will be isn't it? That is why I really like and appreciate the decision for reservation of 50% in the private hospitals.

•    Private hospital must not be selfish and share the burden of the epidemic. This is the time to help each other, our government and the general public needs every possible help.

•    Pandemic situation requires all sectors cooperate in the service of humanity.

•    Positive decision as it will speed up the process of availing COVID beds to the sufferers.

•    Pandemic patients are likely to be more than other diseases in the peak days if proper preventive measures are not taken. One should give collective voluntary effort for this dreaded disease at this hour of emergency.

•    Agreed because we don't have enough equipment in government hospitals.

•    Yes. Let us forget the thought of private or government hospitals for a while. Hospitals, be it private or government, are meant for sick people who are in need of healing. So why deny them when a hospital's priority is to treat them?

•    Absolutely. Whether be it private or government owned. Hospitals priority is to save lives.

•    It is a state of emergency, matter of lives, should look on the brighter aspect of all possibilities

•    Desperate times desperate measures...... We ought to comply with the order

•    If thing goes out of control like other cities in our country, how will we tackle serious COVID-affected people, we should learn from past incidents and not only reserved but private hospitals charges should be monitored, so that people will not be over burdened.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
•    Let government arrange the alternate in college n university for COVID 19 patients because no class due to lockdown. Keep private hospital COVID19 free however doctors and nurses must help government at any cost. Do not mix with normal patients in one building else spread airborne.

•    The state government should realise the priority importance of health infrastructures and facilities and quality healthcare. For how long Nagaland should remain below average in every field?? Other states who gained statehood much after Nagaland have gone way ahead in every field.

•    If private hospitals cater to COVID patients were will the non COVID patients go?

•    Private hospitals do make use the skeletal state infrastructure and has an obligation, but 50 % is not justified. The govt should instead focus on strengthening its own healthcare facilities.

•    There are several diseases more dangerous than COVID. The system of other non COVID patients should not be compromised at any cost. They state government should make necessary arrangement atleast 500 bedded especially in Dimapur.

•    Absolutely a Gigantic NO. It would be a disaster.

•    No, for two reasons. The first reason is we can't risk the life of our loved ones specially the ones with weak immunity and severe health conditions to be exposed to the virus no matter how much precautions is being taken, if any non positive patients gets infected in their stay at the hospital community spread will take place. The second reason will be this is the perfect time for the Nagaland government to start focusing on health facilities, I know it’s not an easy task but where there is a will there is a way.

•    On humanitarian ground yes but politically no. Government Negligence on medical departments is not a new thing. Poor infrastructures and limited manpower in Government sectors is taking a toll now. Thousands of Health workers now are in Private sectors because Government never gives opportunities to them. And now they are suffering for the same.

•    A very big NO because is the government sleeping when everyone is aware about this. Why not politicians, Ministers big, big palaces, hotels make available for the public during this crisis. Shame on the government.

•    NO, some private hospitals in Nagaland should be reserved only for COVID and those hospitals not reserved should be COVID free. If COVID patients are mingled in the same hospital then those with underlying medical conditions are susceptible to the virus and may prove fatal.

•    No, because middle income families can't afford to pay bills

•    No, this is not a wise step. If all the hospital reserves 50% for COVID then undoubtedly it will spread to the susceptible patients. Some hospital atleast should be COVID free ward.

•    Basically any hospital attending to COVID patients should be converted 100% or otherwise a separate building or premises completely for COVID .Otherwise you are putting the normal patients also at risk.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    Keep some hospital COVID free... manage nicely.

•    It is not about government or private hospital. Since the COVID 19 is a highly infectious disease specific hospitals and centres should be set up. The chances of infecting the sick are more when the hospital has another COVID ward. This is common sense. The govt is late but never too late to do the necessary.

•    It depends on the capability of the hospital with regard to the facilities and level of services available (Keep in mind that all hospitals are not at an equal level of management) Improper handling of COVID cases might lead to hospitals becoming a hotspot for COVID infections, or worse, healthcare professionals in the state being infected by COVID. If this happens, where will the non-COVID sick patients go to? There should be a more tactical and logical approach to this situation.

•    Everyone have the right to live so, is there any such point to be raise at this very crucial scenario? Every life matters. God bless Nagaland.

•    A Completely separate system should be set up to treat the COVID patients, since Corona virus is a highly contagious disease. There is a high possibility of infecting the other patients in the hospital.

•    Restart the quarantine centers like it did during the first phase. I think that way we can better manage and also minimize the spread of the virus. Segregate patients according to their conditions. I mean if we keep 50-50 then there are chances of spreading it to the other critical, chronic patients who need constant medical care who are not COVID positive. Just my opinion though, I hope whatever decisions taken is upto the best of intentions by our elders, the people and the Government.

•    Is it even the right question to ask at this hour. Have you any idea how grave the situation has escalated. The incompetence of the state government is not something to be debated at this moment. We will have all the time in the world to criticize and condemn our government and their incompetence and folly will prevail. Reserving 50 percent beds in all the hospital seems to be the logical thing to do right now, if we could come up with a better solution then brilliant. The thing we all need right now is to stay united and fight this pandemic together.

•    50/% yes 50% No. As you sow so shall you reap. Why yes? because This is not the time to think about one's past negligence, people are dying every day after battling the hardest battle, some because lack of oxygen, poor facilities in rural areas, limited bed for COVID-19 patients and more, as we all know cases are increasing day by day, so I also humbled and urge the private school/colleges to come and join hands together and save innocent lives. On the other hand, the government should be precise in every necessary equipment's/kits to assure not only for the safety of the patients but also the safety of the public. Of course we as a human being we all have our weaknesses ,but don't let our weakness overpower .Let us take this an example/lesson and join our hands to discover the better 'NAGALAND God bless Nagaland