Do you agree with the policy of having reservations for ST/SC and OBC

Those who voted ‘NO’ had to say:

•    No, I don’t agree with reservation. There are other ways of addressing social injustice. Reservation is only a cover-up and does not tackle the problems of inequality.

•    No, reservation is degrading and it assumes that those under reservation do not have the capacity to compete and to reach the requirements on their own merit. By giving reservation, it prevents development of reserved categories.

•    No, because it will never solve the problem of unemployment. Secondly, it will make more dependent for ST/SC and OBC future generations, eventually leading to mental slavery, which is the worst form of indirect suppression and oppression of the people. Only genuine good governance is required.

Those who voted ‘YES’ had to say:

•    If there were no reservations, then all the jobs will be held by the higher caste Indians. Because of their racism and caste system, I don’t think they’ll give any chance to people of different race and the lower caste.

•    1. Quality education is accessible only to the rich people.

    2. Unless there is reservation there is no room for ST/SC & OBC

    3. If reservation is to be removed then there should be equal quality education for all.

    4. Those that are against reservation are people from the higher class of Indian society. 

    5. But it also does not mean that incompatible ST/SC or OBCs must be selected

•    Yes but among the ST or SC only the cream layer gets the privilege again. Like the Nagas society even the ISA officer and NCS officer children get the reservation and not to talk about Scholarship, taking in their uncle or mom’s name (if mom is not a govt. servant in most cases they are govt. servant).Therefore, though reservation should be implemented, there need to be certain policy so that the real needy ST/SC gets.