Do you agree with the statement that criticising the Government has become a fashion for young people in Nagaland? Give reasons

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 
•    Because seeing and living with so much disappointment, unavailability essential basic requirements, almost stagnant development activities, many projects failure, rampant corruption, etc.
•    Yes, the young people they complained a lot, yes even older people criticized government but younger generation has no patience at all. Instead, they should come out with solution.
•    We Nagas, whether old or young, educated or uneducated we always criticized one or the other. The irony is that people want, always want benefit from government schemes, jobs etc. but when something bad happens we blamed the government. Yes, I would not deny the fact that there has been lack of duty by some lazy government servants, but the people should also be responsible.
•    Yes, in a democratically elected system, one has the right to criticize any government, or are we living in a communist era-where any voice of dissent has no space? Thank Heavens, we have corruptly and democratically elected them so given that, the question to seek and validate the answers from our public elected representatives are normal and constitutional. So likewise if there are BAD Roads or No roads in Nagaland or any land, one will definitely question, isn’t it? Since there are and still dozens of departmental corruption, then one is suppose to question and ask why, isn’t it? If there is Bad governance decades after decades, and the results are what we see in today’s Nagaland, are we supposed to heap praises and sing songs!? The simple and definite answer is we reap what we sow, so Naga Manu and Manus khan, Naga Public Corruption and Naga Public Leader Corruption go hand in hand, so we shall both criticize each other till we bleed Nagaland and Nagas Dry, and we will be both given a Christian burial with little corruption! 
•    Yes indeed I agree. The young people have become that way because the government had become the main cause of that fashion itself. It's just give and take. Give corruption and take criticism. Very simple.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 
•    Government represents the people thus criticizing the Government is criticizing oneself and that should be done too.
•    Citizens are free to criticize the government in whichever way they want to. There's a lot of unemployment, heavy taxation left n right, underdevelopment in almost all the sectors, lack of healthcare facilities, political corruption etc so what's not there to criticize about? And criticizing the government is nothing new. People have been doing that for centuries. Stop trying to deflect blame on the people.
•    A very big NO! Corruption in Nagaland has reached its Critical point. Young people have refused to evolve into corruption. The fact is Criticizing the bad governance is only the beginning!!! The day the young people revolt against the corruption and bad governance It will become a Fashion not only in Nagaland but whole India!!
•    To debate and critique is the foundation of any functioning democracy. It has been particularly true, historically, for Nagas because of our democratic village republic system. To debate, argue and criticize has been an important ingredient of our Naga culture, which has made it unique and different from neighbouring societies which were historically under monarchies. Therefore, to say in a negative manner that criticizing the state govt is becoming a fashion, rather than encouraging it as essential for our society, not only goes against the very ethos of democracy but also goes against the Naga culture as has been practiced by our foreparents for centuries. Nagas, in general, have not been a society ruled by a few privileged, rich or the powerful. The right to voice one's opinion, no matter how trivial the issue is, has been the right of every Naga citizen, irrespective of one's economic standing, since times immemorial. So, yes, the young people are doing exactly what their foreparents have been doing for centuries- ensuring the democratic nature of Naga society. The ones arguing against the young people are the ones who are going against Naga culture and need a reality check- look around you, there is rampant corruption, unemployment and under development, all of which have been happening all these years under the very person who doesn't want criticism!
•    In a democracy, the Government should welcome criticism.
•    In fact, instead corruption has become the fashion.
•    Rather criticizing should become a trend, because the govt of the day cannot abdicate their responsibilities & accountability to the people. Criticizing comes when they fail to do so.
•    Even the best performing government of the world faces criticism more than the non performing Nagaland government. This present /(even past) government full of nepotism , corruption, arrogance, hypocrisy, shamelessly clinging on to power and status with their ill gotten wealth , wants to be free from criticism. Pathetic! How do you and your families sleep peacefully at night without any guilty conscience? Please go to North Korea if you want to be free without any criticism.
•    Don’t ever make such shameless statement. I cringe!
•    The Government is run by many egocentric politicians and officials. 
•    Their criticism is valid and a measure of their honesty and outrage, not a fashion. Their future has been blighted by the abject corruption of a kakistocracy.
•    The government is acting like a dictator government who don’t want any criticism or negative feedbacks. Shame on this nepotistic, family dynasty politician who is so corrupted to the core and desperately wants to cling on to power to live like tycoons and royalty. Remember the government and the politicians are the slave of the citizens and they should be addressing the ordinary citizens as sir/miss/madam and not otherwise. Shameless government we are fed up of your fashion of corruption, nepotism. Please do your job well if you don’t want to be ridiculed and criticized. Or go to North Korea if you don’t like the fashion of criticism.
•    No wrong to critic the government of the day. In fact, criticism is a sign of vigilant milieu, which is critical for a liberal democracy to thrive. However, criticism should be predicated on proactive mindset and action. An arm-chaired critic is as good as an empty vessel. 
•    Because Government lags in many ways to be honest, there are lots of things that need improvement. We talk about smart city, modernisation but the truth is there's no proper facilities and that's where the citizens face many challenges. While talking about talents, there are lot of talented people call it singers or dancers, there's no proper and good platform where they can showcase their talent. That's why we are way more behind any other states and countries while other states are flourishing, we are still in the grass level.
•    The elected government of the day after taking allegiance with the constitution of India never implements in practical. Everything is possible in Nagaland (as they themselves used to comment when we talk personally, except life from death). That's not the way the government should function and so the layman has 100% right to criticized their governance. It's not a fashion but they invited themselves. Let the living God judge Nagaland rulers.
• Criticism should be done with solid proof and facts. When people complain about everything under the sun, genuine grievances get lost after a week or less in social media. People need to study, use appropriate platforms and get things in place before complaining. But how many corrupted people have been arrested or their properties seized? We cannot just let a private palace built on public money stand tall in this century. Everyone is innocent apparently. 
Instead of saying yes or not, everyone is pouring out criticism.
• A big "NO"!! Criticisms when arise with justifications has something to do with the other counterpart as well. Indeed corruptions are prevailing in the state since long back but even the layman by then acquired & realized his rights as a citizen thereby longs for his rights to be activated. So, giving such statements' may just pour out the picture of narrow mindedness. Lastly but not the least, Where there is no Transparency, there exists corruption. May God shower heavenly wisdom upon Nagaland.
•    Criticism isn't done by Young people alone! We don't need sweeping statement from a person like CM! Nobody wants to talk ill about anybody, but who and why it is compelled to criticize? Come out of Fashion and Fantasy world!
•    No. It's the other way around. It has become a fashion for the government to continue to stay corrupt.
•    The reason people criticize is because people today, being more connected are more aware of what’s gaping on. If that’s the fashion then i wholly support it.
•    I believe there is a good reason why young minds are not at peace and are criticizing the current government and their handling of various issues. It’s high time God fearing, young dynamic leaders should be given chance by both the public and the system for the society to come out of the wretched hands of underdevelopment, poverty, unemployment, lack of dignity of labor and most importantly tribalism.
•    I'm even afraid to comment here anyways can't we criticize the system even after knowing it's filthy? It's not kind a fashion it's our responsibility as a citizens to raise our voices, criticize as well as appreciate the government but the point is we don't find much to appreciate.

Some of those who voted OTHER had this to say: 
•    Criticism is an expression of what one thinks is bad about somebody/something or the act of describing the good and bad points of a play, film, book, work of art, etc. Literacy coupled with Ignorance, Education coupled with Arrogance and Knowledge coupled with Lack of Opportunity in our people in criticizing the government can be termed in many different ways depending on the ground reality. As per the statement, the critics are being criticized for their criticism by the criticized. Government exists in a democracy owing to people's participation in entrusting a select group of people the responsibility to take the concerned region towards a progressive path. In this case, a government exists owing to the will of the people and criticism is an integral aspect of its functioning. Government in Nagaland now on the other hand owes its existence to a select group of individuals that has amassed vast unaccounted wealth over the years from different fields (except for businesses and industrial activities) and the highest spender gets a seat and thereby forms the government. In this case, the government is formed on the basis of the highest spender and the will of the people has no place in its functioning and as such, criticism should in no way exist whether the government delivers services or not. Both ends in our democratic spectrum are but equally responsible for the ground reality that we have created so far and are further strengthening it. 
•    “Nagaland for Criticism Only” seems a far better befitting slogan.
•    The people who don't want the young people to criticize happen to be the ones who have made corruption a fashion in Nagaland.
•    The statement from CM is very casual on this particular aspect and I would rather not agree. Talk of anything whether it is development, employment, corruption or for that matter anything which concerns the State, there is zero accountability. We have failed as voters, elected members, responsible government and as a State.
•    The CM just wanted to convey that it's the fashion of young Nagaland to criticize the government. But never comes forward and takes some action against them. So it's kind a true.