Do you agree with the view that the State Government should either subsidise or make the COVID-19 vaccine free for all? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    The government should be responsible for the total care as it is a pandemic.
Some of those who voted OTHER had this to say: 

•    Subsidize for the poor. Don't give it for free to those who can afford it. Aim for the highest benefit in the given capacity: decrease the number of sources first rather than vaccinating a billion people.

•    COVID-19 Vaccine can neither be safe nor an option even in the future.

•    Subsidise for salaried person/family, PAN card holders; free for ration card holders or MGNREGA beneficiaries.

•    SARS appeared in 2002 in China that spread worldwide within a few months, although quickly contained. Covid-19 appeared in 2019 and reported in 2020 and vaccine development with varied ends has been reported worldwide. Covid-19 as we named it, did not appear by itself but because authorities around the world did not sit down to discuss in length on how to stop the transmission of the new disease from the day of the first globally announced case. The onus is on the authorities to provide it free of cost or at a reasonable price to its denizens. On the FREE aspect of vaccination, the priority should be the the informal sector population (The ultimate but unsecured economic drivers) The secured and the privileged have seen this through quite easily (who can afford to pay for the vaccine) but the daily wage earners have borne the brunt of our incapability. A FREE VACCINE is what we owe them and they deserve it with the highest of priority.

•    It should be made available for free to all, the wellbeing of the peoples should be the top most priority of the Government and it is the most basic needs and democratic rights of the people.

•    Definitely free, available and accessible to all. I think that's the least the State Government can do at this given point of time. If the vaccine is limited the State can segregate/start off, by the classes and stages of care required but not by STATUS.

•    If test, treatment and vaccine become free, COVID will go away by itself due to zero revenue.