Do you believe positive changes can take place through the present political system in Nagaland? Give Reasons.

Some of those who voted YES said: 
•    Yes why's not impossible

•    Yes, if we have visionary leaders who are decisive in their action 

Some of those who voted NO said: 
•    No. The political system needs to change if we want Nagaland to progress and develop. The public often puts the entire blame on the politicians. This is not completely accurate. There is no doubt that politicians are messing it up with corruption, nepotism and just the inability to govern. But the system is also equally to blame.

•    There is hardly any proper system existing in Nagaland. It is a land of chaos, distorted political and bureaucratic system. A land without any law, moral values and principles. The government is run by opportunist people taking every chance for exploitation and misuse of money meant for the development of the state. The common people are subsumed to it as majority of us does not have the moral guts to stand up against injustice, but are simply happy with little benefits accrued from being part of the highest degree of corruption that exists in Nagaland. There are certain section of people who has sincere desire to correct the anomalies and bring changes in the society at least in our behaviour and mindset. Very little can be expected from the present political system, we require strong and united will of the people and leaderships with ethics and moral guts to bring the much needed changes. People should be positive and work towards bringing changes.

•    The ministers, the bureaucrats, the government officials and employees and lastly the so called highly educated females, are all mediocre people, so no.

•    Naga Politician lack principles.

•    Corruption is deeply rooted. There is no scope for fairness. Only money power in the present political system.

•    Can visionless people bring about goodness?? Those people will keep flying here and there for their own good. Nothing to be expected from such spineless people.

•    No. Not just the polity but the social scenario we're wading in only greatly minimises the possibility to become a progressive state. Our struggle between want of modern civility and tendency to subvert back to tribalism constantly negates all progress. We are battling between individualism and tribalism and we know in a state like ours the later has always prevailed.

Some of those who voted OTHERS said: 
•    When workaholic politicians of Nagaland are out of work, they tend to look for more work and as such, there is an assurance for more work being an MLA and also being part of the Government of the day. Their workaholism has an infectious effect on society as we can see that more vehicular registration and unprecedented building constructions are taking place thereby contributing to growth. The 'Ram Aya Ram Gaya' eulogy of Indian politics has a new competition in 'Oppositionless Government of Nagaland, for Solution', which is a positive change, one of Nagaland's best unintentional contribution to the field of Political Science.

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