Do you believe the passing of Nagaland Municipal Act, 2023 with 33% reservation for women will positively impact local governance in municipalities? Give reasons.

•    Corruption will reach newer heights.

•    Women can better think than men. They are educated and having good exposure unlike illiterate and power monger menfolk shouting and threatening the womenfolk

•    It will improve in decision making process and uplifting women voice..

•    It should because every gender have different roles to play in every part of civilization.

•    Yes, but only if the women come forward voluntarily backed by the ability to be good leaders and the support of men without any prejudice.

•    Uneven vote forced selection

•    Naga men are not ready to relinquish their grip on corrupt practices and control

•    Modern Women are liars 

•    Women surrender to men at the cost of Naga culture, there need to know politics and culture are different.

•    The present system is too corrupt. Unless there is overhauling of the system, there will be no changes.

•    No. The 33% reservation for women will not change anything as far as governance is concerned. Reservation does not mean it will bring positive changes. Reservation is only about representation of women. This does not ensure anything. Let us be clear about it.

•    No. To improve local governance in the municipalities the system must change. This is the only way.

•    No, it does not. Only genuine leadership will bring changes in governance. The mere act of reservation does not guarantee that governance will improve.

•    We Naga in general should open a door for womenfolk in political career, in grassroot level. Implementing 33% will be stumbling block in near future.