Do you feel Nagaland government is better organized and systematic to face the challenges of the second COVID-19 wave? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:
•    Law & order and COVID-19 guideline are strictly maintained everywhere

•    Yes, a bit more systematic and confident in their approach.

•    Yes because the government is lackadaisical and there is lack or rather absence of investigative journalism to point out shortcomings and present the truth.

•    Yes. There seem to be no government which is doing extraordinarily well. Our government had learned the hard way about the state of our medical infrastructures. The accumulation of years of negligence can’t be washed clean in a few months time. With no or very few resources, what more than the best honest efforts.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
•    Shortage of medical infrastructure and facilities

•    I am bewildered and confused how the COVID funds are utilized. I don't see any work done at the grassroot level.

•    The Government is always perfect but some government employees are not doing their work honestly

•    Firstly, do we the educated Naga youths know how much money the center has allocated since the COVID-Pandemic has hit us and how much has been utilized to 100%? Yes, I am pointing my fingers and asking our elected Nagaland Government because for the least, it is my electoral right to question where did all the money go? We are a Democracy, isn't it? No Medical College, even after decades of governance? Do we need to say anything about the one recently assembled foundation! Our Government, society, medical-healthcare and rest are in glorious shambles! Ask yourself what is in place; our governance, our society, our politics, our religion, our Nationalism. Thankfully for a start, there are few handfuls of individuals and civil organizations that are asking, where did all the money and funds go? but more is needed to be done! We cannot make it worse! That money can build us world-class medical infrastructure in Nagaland, but we all invest that in our world-class corrupted lifestyle. No, our government is far from organized nor systematic. Yet, organized and systematic in corruption- A big YES (Hallelujah)!  Thankfully we elected them, on lines of clan, village, and tribe and so we got what we deserved! And unless we, you, and I change our thinking and actions we will suffer again and we will have no one to blame but ourselves, and we can all go to heaven on our corrupted winged chariots since there are no roads!

•    It is a pandemic. The virus doesn't wait for the medical department or the government to do something. Too little too slow.

•    No... Because they might arrange oxygen or drugs but they cannot arrange doctors or nurses and without manpower oxygen and drugs are useless. Government neglected manpower in Government hospitals. Best example is Shamator CHC in Tuensang.

•    No. As for me, our Government is well organized and systematic only during the time of election campaign but not in combating this (COVID-19) deadly virus.

•    Importing of 50 oxygen cylinders by air cargo all the way from Delhi and activating 10-20 patient beds should not be the news headline when our requirement is too high. Please work out/ estimate sincerely how much we need medical equipments.

•    Not at all.... It is like Nagaland Government is half functioning with little fund utilising for outer beauty saving as much as they can for their personal and upcoming elections. Compelling various civil societies, organisations and NGOs in requesting and guiding the half dead Government for lockdowns even SOPs to be followed by the public... even in the present situations...?? How on earth Nagaland will be if the situation is much worse than compare to some mainland Indian cities? Indeed it's very sad for Nagas to greedy leaders.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    I am not on the side of Nagaland Government or people of Nagaland. What I want to say is that I don't know how they are using the fun, might be half of fun might be in their pocket but still then they are also trying their best, they are also working tirelessly, atleast appreciate them for their tireless effort to overcome this pandemic. Don't be good at judging others. I am with the Government of Nagaland because they have spend crores of money during election and I hope you are aware of the next election where they have to spend crores again when election comes people of Nagaland enjoy but after election we point fingers at the same person you have voted. People of Nagaland for how many years you are going to lived like child (who is happy with lollipop). “Stop blaming yourself and Government kill your desire”

•    I don't think even the central government was ready for such an event. Can't blame the current government. They are doing their best.

•    This question should be asked to the government not public. This government only by lockdown in the state won't work. Look around the corner as well and lead your people.

•    How can we the public know this answer? How much fund is allotted to fight COVID-19? What are the facilities available to fight COVID-19? Then only we can say these and these... Otherwise all bleak... Even vaccine also not clear.

•    Both the government and public should be question because public doesn't maintain SOPs in around colony bazaar/groceries. Don’t always blame the government if you can't take Care of yourself in first place by wearing mask and maintaining social distance.

•    The best way now is to learn from other states or cities that have done good, and have a visionary leadership planning in advance.

•    I don't think so but atleast they're doing something. We should appreciate their tireless work. We can't always blame and rely on government at the same time, let government do their job and let us do our part as a civilized citizens instead of blaming each other game in this time of crisis, Change starts with you and me so be the change, That's all I can say. God bless our people. 

•    Don't know why the government is always to blame?? We public are the worst. That's all I can say... There is nothing left to keep on honking to the people out there. People of Nagaland will never ever go ahead or grow if we keep on blaming each other.

•    We all know Nagaland is full of corruption, ministers n MLA knows that very well including voters. Now chief minister has to prove hw thy will manage this pandemic, if they want to bring under control they have to avoid political interference, select 3 to 4 honest IAS officers and top doctors who can deliver the result.