Do you feel that the IRB respects the rights of the public?

Those who said YES had this to say:

•    Yes, becoz I’ve participated in operations against the naxalites and also medic, clothes and food distribution and tribals Rights Awareness camps conducted by us, the 9th Naga (adivasi force from Nagaland)

•    Yes, its the individual who doesnt respect the rules create such, investigate the ones and fired them, there are more youth unemployed who has selfcontrol and active to d serve.

•    Yes they respect as IRB in general but the person who is not acting must discharge from his job and let other who r unemployed take the position

Those who said NO had this to say:

•    No, the IRB are trained to use their power and force, so its no way possible for them to respect the public. The people should question the training method. They can speak only in HINDI and they go through vigorous indoctrination. The 9th IRB which is upto all nasty things in Chhattisgarh is the fruit of their training. The 1st commandant who formed the first IRB should be questioned. The jawans are only machines trained to harass public.

•    No, They are a bunch of wild boy’s without any respect for anyone. For that matter even disregard their parents.
•    No, this is not right. They should not harassssssssssssssssss

•    No, IRB does not respect the rights of the public. The manner in which they are trained is such that their rights are also violated by the commanders. When their rights are taken away, how can they respect the rights of the public. They cant even speak their own language, they have to speak in Hindi with one another. So the environment where IRB is trained is disrespectful and it makes them bitter to life.

•    No, they are ever a disgrace to society with no sense of duty discipline respect. they only know one dumb language beating up people good for nothing  

•    No, not at all. They have not the slightest respect for human right. They don’t even respect their guide nor listen to what he says. And the responsibility and blame are always given to the guide though any decision to be taken depends on the guide.

•    No, sensitization to basic human rights should be part of their training!!!

•    No, The Nagaland Police Act 1985 should be revoked. Only then my answer will be yes.

•    No, why? So long as Nagaland Police Act 1985 is in force. This Act is the complete replica of Police Act 1861.

•    No, because they are trained under the policies of Draconian laws such as AFSPA 1958 and Nagaland Police Act 1985.

•    No, I don’t feel that the IRG respect the rights of the public. Instead they try to RULE the PUBLIC like Hitler. They are stubborn, over smart and …

•    No, the IRBs are too selfish and too proud to humble their knees at the Rights of the public

•    No, The IRB does not respect the rights of the citizens at all. In their Naga HINDI, they hurl abusive language. Though they are dressed smartly in uniform, they are very rude and lack complete civility. They are even worse than the Indian Army. The IRB should be disbanded completely.

•    No, are they really there to protect us – the public?

•    No, IRB never respects the right of the public.

•    No, IRB personnel never respects the rights of the public because they are trained to terrorize public by Assam Rifles. 

•    No, its like as if they are trained to harass the public.

•    No, you have asked the right question

•    No, in spite of it they demand it by force

Those who said MAYBE had this to say:

•    Maybe some do, and some don’t. It is not wise to generalize.