Do you support Nagaland Chief Minister decision to award scholarship worth Rs 82 lacs for 100 youth under Chief Minister Corpus Fund for deserving and talented IAS aspirants of Nagaland? Why?



Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes. Because students are the pillars of the nation. Without education there will never be peace in the world. So supporting students especially those with very weak financial background the toughest exam in the country, would surely make the aspirants to work harder to come out with flying colours.

•    Yes. It’s an opportunity for the competitive examination aspirants, who could not afford…

•    As long as those 100 youths funded are not only the children, relatives, cousins of the ministers, directors, P.S, right hand and left hand of rich people, this is a good initiative.

•    It's a good initiative but only if the rightful and deserving candidates gets awarded.

•    Yes, if it is based on merit system not just another platform for the privileged one.

•    Yes, it's a very good initiative. Dedicated and hardworking youths deserve to get this kind of opportunity

•    Yes, if favouritism, nepotism, tribalism and politics is not involved.

•    Yes. It will be of great help to those trying hard to achieve their aim in life. There are many who are trying with or without government support till now. But with such incentives we can expect results in future. Hope it is made one lakh and a Continuous program.

•    Yes, I think because many got job through backdoor in Nagaland which does not come from hard work, and this a trend in Nagaland. Hence, anyone who has the potential to become a civil service officer will be definitely given this award. This would not only bring up the best in them but would also inspire and motivates man aspirant in future. The move of awarding talented aspirant is highly encouraging.

•    Yes. It's encouraging...

•    Yes, it’s a good investment.

•    Yes. Because there are so many people who are not well-deserving but awarded…and hence our well-deserving and talented IAS aspirants of Nagaland should also be rewarded in regard to their faithfulness towards their work.

•    Yes. Forward Move.

•    Yes. But the backdoor is never gonna stop. It should purely select on merit basis.

•    Yes. But the economic condition of the candidates should be considered.

•    Yes. He is the true Naga and a politician with a long term vision. He loves his nation.

•    Yes. 1. Shortage of IAS & IPS officers in the state is a concern for efficient administration. Something we sorely need. 2. Lack of exposure to a more competitive and inclusive learning environment, right guidance and sufficient resources inhibits aspirants to crack the exam. 3. Any success from the initiative would serves as an impetus to local students to strive for such services. But the program should ensure that only serious aspirants are selected. Any sort of tokenism and nepotism would not only be a waste of public money but discourage future similar program. That said, the initiative is a welcome and hopefully it would be a success.

•    Yes. It will increase intelligentsia.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

 •    No. Invest in infrastructure...!

•    No. Better to improve primary education among girls and boys.

•    No, other occupations like entrepreneurship and vocational skill trainings need to be imparted. Need to change the mindset of nagas running after government jobs, be it state level or central.

•    No. If the CM is really concerned that Nagaland should produce IAS officers he should focus on developing the educational system. Out of the thousands that sit for the UPSC exams, at best only a handful can get through. The amount of money he has sanctioned for deserving and talented IAS aspirants could be better served in other more pressing issues. Producing IAS officers is not a State’s issue; it is a private and personal matter.

•    No. It will only go to the wrong people and not the deserving candidates.

•    No. Due to corruption...

•    No. So many reasons, of course we all know. Nepotism , favouritism etc.

•    No. Student will be selected on the basis of choice and not on deserving status. If given, money should be given to all who had submitted form and produce receipt as there may not be un-accountable candidates. After all not many student got into civil services from Nagaland. So, we can say this is also another appeasement formula.

•    No. It's a Political game, it's too late, to use corpus fund for IAS aspirant.

•    No. It will only go to favourites of the MLAs family and friends, if it goes to the talented IAS aspirants then its will be first step in corruption. The money should be given to the poor students to benefit the families and the state at large.

•    No. That money can be used for development of world class infrastructure to impart global standard education to a generation - not only 100 youth – with such investment, Naga youth have the potential to be global citizens/consultants beyond the IAS in a challenging bureaucracy of hierarchy and corruption. Nagas are such a small group of people; we can be organized and enlightened to flourish like the Scandinavian countries.

•    No. The core duties of Government are: To maintain law and order. To develop infrastructure for all. To protect citizens from outside/ internal threats. Government do not exist to choose winners and losers but to provide a level playing field. Why use government money only for those oriented towards civil services? To make the point more precise, consider this: Should government also give money to those with beautiful legs? What about to those who are tall? After all they too have the potential to become models. What about those with good sense of humor? They have potential to be a stand-up comedian. Different individuals are gifted in different areas, why government should only pick those individuals oriented and gifted in certain areas? To repeat: The duty of government is not to pick winners and losers but to provide level playing field. So that any individual with any orientation and gift can play in the playground as one sees fit. To do that however, government should first focus on its core duties and not pretend to do all the unnecessary stuffs.

•    No. The book grant for the candidates clearing prelims has been discontinued on this pretext. Other states are giving both book grant (much greater than that given by the Nagaland government) as well as scholarship for coaching. The state should make similar arrangements.

•    No, instead improve facilities in government schools.

•    No. because the benefits will go mostly to the already rich and influential people.

•    No. Because this is just an eyewash. None of the deserving candidates will get the money.

•    No. Why only 100 youths... There are thousand youths... Being selected among 100 cannot guarantee IAS position and I'm sure half of the seats will be occupied by he/she is my son/ daughter/relatives scenario… If CMCF really wants to award scholarships do it equally, free and fair.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    It’s funny. We Nagas talk about the government sector being over employed and we have our honorable Chief Minister enticing the youth towards IAS. It will be much better to give the amount to our Naga entrepreneurs. I think it will reap more fruit. I doubt out of the 100 potential IAS aspirants, even 5 will get. 

•    Not bad… but then 82lac for 100youths only?

•    It’s the least he can do! Considering the rampant corruption going on, at least some funds will be utilized for good cause.