Do you support the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR), also known as 'One Nation, One Student ID? Give Reasons

•    While it is understandable why most will and have doubts regarding the safety and security of data, it is inevitable that technology and advancement of tech will keep evolving. Now, coming back to cyber safety and security, I'm sure necessary precautions and measures will be taken to ensure at least industry standards of security, however if one is still not satisfied or confident with it, one should also realize the ground reality of cyber crime/theft etc. That if need be, no one is really "safe" on the internet, data are collected and sold every seconds of any given day. So all in all, the pros of this initiative outweighs the cons, given it will revolutionize/digitalize ironically the education sector of our country. No doubt this will rid of all the hassle of producing hard copies of credentials in almost every aspect related to it.

•    One must have a unique identity, not dubious multiple ones. Only those having ulterior motives like to have multiple ones.

•    Privacy of students will be insecured in the near future.

•    I see no valid reasons for a student holding multiple documents.

•    No. This is a system in its infancy. While it may make it easier to manage the educational profile of a student, information stored digitally can be breached/stolen, exempli gratia, like the recent data breach from the ICMR that leaked the information of 81.5 crore Indians.

•    It's a threat to individuals' privacy.

•    This is nothing more than controlling the student population , why do they need one student id for life? unless it’s for student control.