Do you think bureaucrats in Nagaland are efficient administrators?

Those who said YES:

•    In general, they are good administrators.

•    They are capable

•    Inspite of all odds, bureaucrats in Nagaland have contributed to ideas and gone ahead in implementing it. Whether it is VDBs, Communitisation, Agri Expo or the ongoing Naga Idol, there has been a bureaucrat behind all these initiatives. Kudos to them. In case we could give them more support and immunity from political interference, Nagaland would be a much better place.

Those who said NO:

•    Corruption, corruption, corruption!!!

•    Not at all, they are only interested in money and chasing the files. You go and see the conditions of each department. Each department is competing for ‘bad to worse’ award.

•    Most of them are manipulated by the politicians. Even for their postings, the politicians have to be manipulated instead of abiding by the rules!

•    Because of the continuous political intrusion by the various supposed-to-be minority organisation.

•    Bureaucrats are the ones responsible for the sorry state of affairs in Nagaland. They do not give good advice to the ignorant politicians. The politicians get all the blame, but the bureaucrats are the ones that should be the ones who should be held responsible.

•    Not at all. Bureaucrats in Nagaland are corrupt and only know how to abuse their power and find ways to make a quick buck. They are also very inefficient. Most of the time Nagas blame politicians, but politicians come and go, the people that should be held responsible for the sorry state of affairs in Nagaland are the bureaucrats, but they keep hiding behind the politicians.

•    They just hold office for their self management and not as administrators.

•    There is so much to be done, so many things to be looked at! Our state needs to develop like other states which are progressing to a new higher level. Nagaland seems to be only heading for disaster, poverty, hatred and jealousy! Our bureaucrats seem to be busy relaxing with the minimum amount of work and leisure. They have so much to fight with the people in the centre government to improve our living standards.

•    They are efficient only in abusing their power but when it comes to administration, they are not good. The situation in Nagaland is because of the bureaucrats.

•    Because they are only puppets in the hand of politicians. Bureaucrats are implementing authority who only works under the direction of legislatures, basing on their interest.  

•    They are not result oriented but self-gain oriented.

•    According to me they are not efficient... yes, I agree that in some areas they may have won the hearts of many people, but in many areas we find many potholes in them.... now-a-days many people are buying the post of bureaucrats.. many unfit persons are holding the wrong job.... the educated are cast away... quality of the individual has become of no value, instead quantity rules... Money talks and nothing can be done against the corrupt. The society has become havoc.…
•    The bureaucrats in Nagaland are safeguarded by the politicians in every sphere of administration. They have a very good mutual understanding and actively work together for the so-called “WELFARE of NAGALAND.” But, the public are the eye witness for such progress and developments. Thanks for transforming Nagaland into a “CORRUPT STATE.”

•    They don’t realize that they are being paid to serve the society. Most of them are high-headed, suffering from superiority complex besides corrupted to their bones. Cracking civil service alone is not enough. It’s high time they be more liable and accountable at the same time more rewarding for their initiative and creativity. Their mindset of society – that it cannot do without them – should be done away it.

•    It’s sad when we see their contribution.

•    We have sufficient officers rather than efficient officers.

Those who said MAYBE:

•    Maybe they are, but only a few exercise their gift of administration. By and large, administrative skill in most bureaucrats remains only a potential.