Do you think Hornbill Festival offers an authentic experience of Naga tradition and culture? How?

•    During this festival all tribes shows there culture and tradition.

•    Rock and roll etc are not part of traditional culture of Nagaland, foreign tourist are declining due to western culture display. This it self speaks volumes to what is modern western culture display and what is Naga tradition . Also its a government VIP event which does not set well with the people.

•    Its full of nepotism of one tribe

•    No because the spirit is not there. The performance is there but the performance is not everything. The experience is through feeling and no one can deny that the spirit is just not there. The performances are too rehearsed and it is not natural. They are performing to please the crowd and in the process are losing their authenticity. Its a wannabe.

•    Just cultural touched, not authentic

•    No, its more like outsiders show than showcasing our traditional

•    Just a small penny thoughts. It will be better for the local artist to perform and promote more of our local songs.. By God's grace we have many talented artists, so in the coming years, we can do that. We should also bring out more Traditional attire show, traditional games, etc.

•    Japanese Cosplay in Hornbill … matlab kuch bi ?

•    Hard to say because of all the western themed concerts

•    Close enough to our traditional lifestyle maybe but since we don’t live like that anymore, it’s a good effort to celebrate our cultural heritage.. since most western countries only celebrate modern pop culture which is hardly 100 years old but we celebrate our rich legacy which dates back 300+ years (At least upto the era when colour dyes were used, cotton textiles were woven, harvest festivals were celebrated with indigenous local brew, dances & songs)

•    Hard to say because of all the western themed concerts

•    Partly....I feel real experience will be at the villages… it will be good if organisers start tours of Naga villages to promote and also give villagers a exposure to visitors, and also as a earning source during these tours...this will surely uplift our villages which are our identity..