Do you think Naga people are generally influenced more by emotional feelings than by factual evidence? Give Reasons

•    Part of this could be attributed to our kindness and generousness as Nagas.
•    This is generally the trend in our society. Too many people are ever ready to give physical or verbal abuse and slander when their feelings are hurt, without giving any benefit of the doubt. Also, a lot of good, practical advice from elders, non locals, etc are rejected simply because the listener was offended. We should value objective truth over subjective feelings when it comes to the major issues and use feelings in the more leisurely and low risk aspects of life.
•    Yes very much. The public does not listen to reason it only driven by emotional feelings. So instead of justice, it becomes anarchy. The March 5 incident is a prime example.
•    Yes. Nagas are very reactive and emotional. We act first before first finding out what is wrong or right. This is one of the reason why so many things are going wrong in our society today.
•    Yes, Particularly when it comes to gender. women and girls are driven by emotional situations rather than logical situations. Recent misused of money from the department of RD was high ranking officials women, yet no one said anything about it, because they are women right. If i remember when there was assault by women towards younger children just because she is pregnant does not mean she can get away with it, similarly for the case with Ronica too. women too can get away with bad things, because too much sympathy and empathy is given towards female. well the downfall of society is not because of Underground groups, political groups or even bad men, but women too.

•    Nagas are righteous and truth folks and we are so scared of divine ethics which means karma. Our forefathers cultural practices and strong belief of fearing the God of ethics and the recently embraced to Christian tenet intertwined and suits us.
•    They are more towards fighting. Not everyone but most of the Nagas really behave badly they like to fight unnecessarily and discrimination is often done with other religion?

•    Some go with the emotional feelings with wise attachment, and some Nagas go with the factual evidence with no wisdom include leading to errors.
•    Who are Naga people??