Do you think the Nagaland electorate is ready to vote for honest, sincere and visionary candidates in 2018 elections? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Absolutely yes…! Beginning is the hardest thing in life but once it starts, the next time will be better and best. Kuknalim

• I will say yes. But it is only a small section of the electorate. Will it make any difference? Time will tell.

• Yes, a small minority is ready for visionary candidates.

• Yes, I'm one of the electorates. But the question is, "Will honest, sincere and visionary candidates contest in 2018 election?”  

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. Most of the people are tired and frustrated by the current set of dispensation but at the same time do not have the courage to vote for new politicians. Because of this, we have created a chicken and egg scenario. We all want more responsive and committed group of politician. This will happen only when we are ready to vote for new faces.

• No. Difficult to find honest man. All are swayed away by money, because people like me are struggling for survival unlike those suspected to have stashed their money in foreign banks or elsewhere.

• NO. It's a pipe dream. Everyone likes money but the electorates are drunk. They love money more than their life.

• No. Even if you want to vote for an honest candidate, there isn’t one.

• Nope... Because the clean election campaign took the wrong approach. Educating the electorates will not work because only a handful of them are committed while the rest will never learn nor follow suit. The CEC should have focus on the intending candidates. They should be bound with certain rules such that if they breach the rules, they should be disqualified. That’s the only option where CEC can be successful.

• NO... Nagas are good in talking only. And Nagas love for money cannot be compromised by anyone except God's divine interventions. • We Nagas preach something and do something else. Cursed HYPOCRITES we Nagas are.

• No. 80% can be bought (money and jobs) 5% are just ignorant 5% are apathetic, and only 10% are conscientious voters.

• No. Money minded people and come 2018 state election, people will go for money and not an honest person. Very sad but it'll happen definitely, even though I won't do that.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Decades of corruptions from top to the bottom cannot be changed or transformed; nonetheless, it must be dealt with everyday. Slogan is not a panacea but vision and determination that will conquer our own evil. Every society and institution must relentlessly speak and remind people to fight against all forms of injustice.

• 2018? A grandiose hope. To wager on the conviction and repentance (if there is) of electorates post 'clean election' campaign would unlikely affirmed to the question posed. Most of us don't realise the fact that each of us is a rat with a capacity to bell the cat. But the herd mentality fueled by tribalism and corruption runs amok rendering tepid interest in changing old wine despite the hue and cry for transformation. Although, the campaign is a welcome move and necessary, yet the prime mover is still the ruralist that forms the bulk of the total electorates. As such, the crusade has to permeate all and sundry. Election per se is no silver bullet, therefore, it also would be prudent and pragmatic to portend the evil of unbridled tribalism and rekindle naga patriotism along with it. Also, we cannot bet our boots on the aforementioned mechanism alone. Technology such as Aadhaar and other related systems can go a long way in helping the cleaning process. Above all, constructive self-criticism and realisation is the keystone or as Gandhi put in, “You have to be the change that you would like to see in the world.”

• Hahaha show me an honest politician and I will tell Oxford dictionary to redefine the word paradox.

• The bye-election conducted some months ago showed we are not ready for clean election.

• Gandhi once said "India does not live in its towns but in its villages" and in here lies the crux of the issue. If our village institutions are committed to the future that we all want, things will happen. Unless that change comes about, all the talk and discussions by people living in towns will not be easy. We all want that change but are we ready to make the trade-off for good governance?

• Nagas go crazy after money. They are ready to dive in even if money is kept in a pool of thorns and shits. At the end votes are bought, corrupted leaders are elected and at the end, the blaming game starts. Very sad reality. I hope one day we will see a New Nagaland with honest, sincere and faithful leaders who can bring positive changes and development.

• People may vote a big YES but in reality people will go for corrupt because the game itself is a corrupt game. No person involved in this game if he/she is honest.